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Storage Appliance Software for Managed Hosting & Cloud Providers

Our QuantaStor Cloud Edition software was designed specifically for cloud service providers (CSPs) and managed hosting companies looking to provide their customers with high-performance and reliable dedicated storage appliances and dedicated virtual storage appliances (VSAs). QuantaStor Cloud Edition makes this a snap because it runs on your existing commodity-off-the-shelf server hardware and is billed monthly so there's zero CAPEX and zero OPEX to get started.

What is a virtual storage appliance?

A virtual storage appliances is simply a storage system that runs in a virtual machine, typically under VMware ESX due to it's high efficiency IO stack. VSAs are typically given blocks of physical storage from a highly-available fault-tolerant storage system (SAN) or in low-cost non-critical deployments can utilize fault-tolerant direct attached storage (DAS). In either case the customer is provided with a dedicated storage appliance which they have management control over. QuantaStor Cloud Edition can be deployed as a VSA or installed directly onto bare-metal servers to be deployed as physical storage appliances.

Benefits of QuantaStor Cloud Edition

  • Pay-as-you-go model
    Use your existing servers so there's potentially zero additional capital expenditure to deploy a dedicated storage appliance for your customers
  • Easy Management
    It's designed for the IT generalist so your customers can configure and manage the appliance with little to no training. Online training videos cover common application configuration like VMware, XenServer, and Windows.
  • High Performance
    Use off-the-shelf hardware to build systems which exceed 3GB/sec in sustained IO throughput.
  • Security
  • Dedicated appliances equals dedicated disks which ensures there is no co-mingling of multiple customers' data on shared disks.
  • Control
  • Thin-provision additional storage on demand using an easy to use QuantaStor Manager interface designed for the IT generalist.

What makes QuantaStor Cloud Edition unique?

  1. Ease-of-use / Designed for IT Generalist

    We designed QuantaStor from the ground up to be easy, really easy. Provisioning a iSCSI storage volume, 3 clicks. Provisioning a NFS network share, 3 clicks. Assigning storage to a host, two clicks. It's all about saving time and making storage management so simple that little to no training is required for an IT generalist to get the job done. To us ease-of-use is not as a 'nice to have' feature but a design philosophy as it's critical to not just to the end-user but to the organizations supporting them and deploying appliances en masse.
  2. QuantaGrid™ Scale-out Management Technology

    Today organizations have storage on-premises, in the cloud, at co-location facilities, and across data centers and the sum of all that is increased management complexity. What if you could take your storage appliances and link them together so that they can be managed as a unit. That's what our scale-out grid management technology QuantaGrid™ is all about. With just a few clicks you can create a grid and start adding systems to it and the best part is that there's no software to install. The systems link together in a peer-to-peer fashion and when you login to any node you can manage all nodes from there, it's that simple.
  3. Integrated RAID hardware & SSD cache management

    Our QuantaStor Cloud Edition runs as both a VSA or as a dedicated physical storage appliance running on commodity off-the-shelf servers (COTS). When running on physical hardware we have integrated management support for all the major hardware RAID manufacturers (including the LSI MegaRAID with CacheCade Pro 2.0 technology) so that you can deliver ultra-reliable storage appliances with high-performance SSD caching technologies that seriously boost performance for common workloads like virtualzation and databases.
  4. Zero CAPEX Entry Point

    Our Cloud Edition is licensed on a monthly basis so there are no up-front costs. You are also provided with a QuantaStor Cloud License Service from which you can dynamically provision new license keys for on-demand dynamically deployed new physical and virtual storage appliances. In this way you can fully automate the deployment and initial configuration of QuantaStor Cloud Edition storage appliances for your customers.

How do I get started?

Send us an email to or contact us here and we'll provide you with pricing detail, the OEM reseller agreement, and will begin engaging with your technical team to ensure your combination of server hardware stack is fully compatible and tested with QuantaStor Cloud Edition.