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QuantaStor v3.10 Now Available

With QuantaStor v3.9 we introduced some major new features like HA support and HA virtual interfaces for Gluster support. With v3.10 we've been focused on more minor enhancements and general maintenance fixes to maintain the high-bar on product quality. Some of the enhancements for ZFS support include customizable block size settings for volumes, customizable compression levels, and an upgrade to GlusterFS to bring it up to v3.4.2. For more detail on the changes with this latest release please see the change log here.

Now Available - QuantaStor v3.8 with Scale-out NAS & Parallelized Backup Policies

We initially added support for scale-out NAS by integrating GlusterFS back in Q1 this year but it was fairly limited with just NFSv3 support. Now with v3.8 we've really expanded on our scale-out NAS support so you have full CIFS/NFSv3/v4 access to your scale-out NAS volumes from every appliance in your QuantaStor grid of appliances. This makes it ideal for a much broader set of applications including large scale archive and more. QuantaStor v3.8 also has improvements for ZFS, enhancements to disaster-recover / remote-replication, improvements to Adaptec RAID management, and an innovative new backup policy feature that allows you to schedule backups of any NFS/CIFS share on your network. What makes the new backup policies interesting is that they support heavy parallelization and you can configure them to do full backups or sliding window backups which retain just the most recently created or modified data. With up to 64 concurrent backup streams per active backup job the new backup policies are ideal for driving disk-to-disk backs of everything from simple user shares to large scale-out systems like EMC Isilon clusters will 100s of millions of files. For more information write us at and as always the full list of changes are available here in the Change Log.

QuantaStor v3.6 with ZFS now Available

With the release of QuantaStor v3.6 a host of new enterprise features have been added to the platform via our integration with the ZFS filesystem. ZFS brings many features including compression, snapshots, smart cloning, smart replication, and SSD caching (ZIL/L2ARC).

  • SSD write cache with ZFS, called 'ZIL' allows you to specify a pair of mirrored SSD drives to act as a large write-cache which greatly boosts IOPS for virtualization workloads.
  • ZFS pools support compression which not only saves disk space it typically boosts performance by 10% with minimal processor load
  • Creating storage volume snapshots are instant and space efficient.  You can also setup schedules to automatically create snapshots and maintain a history of checkpoints for easy recovery.
  • Replication of volumes to remote systems also leverages ZFS's smart replication capabilities to send just the incremental changes so network bandwidth requirements are minimal for DR configurations.

For a web based demo of the new features in v3.6 contact to schedule a 30 minute demo.  For the full detailed list of changes in v3.6 please see the full Change Log here.


QuantaStor v3.5 the Software Defined Storage Platform Now Available!

Software Defined Storage is all about elevating storage above the hardware and going beyond traditional  protocols to produce a protocol agnostic platform that delivers SAN, NAS, BigData, and Object Storage in an easy to deploy software platform.   The QuantaStor Software Defined Storage platform provides a flexible medium for deploying physical storage appliances and virtual storage appliances (VSA) alike.

Now in v3.5 we've added key scale-out technologies like Gluster support, CIFS support with advanced Avid media-editing capabilities, and new hardware support for STEC PCIe SSD, LSI Nytro MegaRAID and Adaptec 7xxx series controllers.

We've also expanded the capabilities of QuantaGrid so you can now manage over 16 QuantaStor appliances in a grid, virtual and/or physical as a single unit.

For more information on the full feature list and performance of QuantaStor v3 have a look at our new software product brochure here.


QuantaStor v2.7 Delivers New XenServer 6.x StorageLink Support

With Citrix's latest release of XenServer 6.1 we're happy to announce the release of QuantaStor v2.7 with StorageLink support for both XenServer 6.0 and 6.1. Our new QuantaStor StorageLink adapter also comes with a utility '' to simplify the configuration process. For those using older versions of QuantaStor, note that you'll need to upgrade to v2.7 using the Upgrade Manager to take advantage before creating new StorageLink Repositories.

One of the big advantages of using StorageLink is that you can map iSCSI LUNs directly to XenServer virtual machines which makes cloud environments much more agile. Now you can move volumes (LUNs) between XenServer Resource Pools and leverage hardware cloning and remote-replication features to move your data around with much greater ease. For more information on how to setup and configure QuantaStor v2.7 with StorageLink please see our online documentation here.