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QuantaStor v2.0 adds Fibre Channel, expands LSI integration strategy

With our release this week of QuantaStor v2.0 we're taking the product a great step forward with Fibre Channel support and full integration with the LSI 92xx series MegaRAID and DELL PERC RAID controllers.
LSI MegaRAID + QuantaStor makes a powerful combination as now you can leverage the advanced hardware features of the LSI MegaRAID 92xx controller like the LSI™ MegaRAID™ CacheCade Software to boost IOPs with an SSD caching tier for your SATA/SAS RAID units / storage pools.
If you're building a SSD storage system, again QuanatStor + LSI FastPath makes a powerful combination for your IO intensive applications and virtual machine workloads.
The new support for Fibre Channel might come as a surprise to some as we have been touting the benefits of 10GbE iSCSI for some time, but the reality today is that many environments are mixed with both FC and iSCSI SANs.
With this release of v2.0 we're glad to be able to address the customer demand for FC giving you the flexibility to deploy storage to any host in your environment be it iSCSI or FC attached or both; now we're unified.
Last but not least, v2.0 went through an exhaustive test cycle where a number of minor issues were found and resolved from our last v1.5 release so we encourage everyone to upgrade.

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