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QuantaStor™ Software Subscription Pricing

Annual Subscription Pricing
Silver Subscription
Standard Edition

Gold Subscription
Enterprise Edition

Platinum Subscription
Enterprise Edition
Additional Features Grids up to 4 nodes Adds Gluster, FibreChannel, IB, DR fail-over, and grids up to 16 nodes Enterprise + Dedicated Account Engineer
Support 9/5 Unlimited E-mail & phone support 24/7 Unlimited E-mail & phone support 24/7 Unlimited E-mail & phone support
Response Time Less than 1 Business Day, weekdays Less than 8hrs, 24/7 Less than 4hrs, 24/7
Remote Training Included (1hr) Included (1hr)
RESTful Cloud API
Developer Support/Training
Included (1hr) Included (2hrs)
Upgrades & Maintenance Upgrades & maintenance packs included Upgrades & maintenance packs & Hot-fixes included
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Benefits of annual subscription pricing

  • All inclusive with support, maintenance packs and product upgrades.
  • License additional capacity as you scale up, we'll pro-rate the additional capacity to align with your original subscription license.
  • Pass-through 100% of your software expense each year as OpEx vs CapEx
  • Up-front software costs are typically 50%+ less than competing solutions.
  • Subscription licenses can be converted to perpetual license keys at the 3rd year renewal but perpetual licenses do not include upgrades.
  • Optional support and maintenance for subsequent years is 1/2 of the subscription price or you can continue with the full subscription to continue getting upgrades with the support and maintenance packs.
  • 10% discount on 2+ year subscriptions.
  • 3rd year of subscription (2nd renewal) comes as a perpetual license key that never expires.

  • Note: OS NEXUS, Inc. reserves the right to change prices without notice.