Big Data requires storage architectures that not only scale but are flexible enough to handle a wide range of workloads ranging from real-time data processing and analytics to content delivery, media archiving and “cold” data storage. With the ability to scale to 100 petabytes, QuantaStor is an ideal solution for big data workloads. The challenges of big data are three-fold: data volume, data velocity and data type variety. QuantaStor addresses these challenges with the following features.

QuantaStor Big Data Features

When managing large volumes of Big Data, high availability is key. OSNEXUS takes a holistic approach by integrating GlusterFS into QuantaStor to bring management, monitoring, and NFS/CIFS services together so that deployments can be done faster, easier, with point-click-provision simplicity.

Integrated RAID Management
QuantaStor supports hardware RAID at the disk level and granular smart replication at the storage volume, and network share level to ensure high data availability. QuantaStor also offers integrated hardware RAID management from all popular RAID vendors, making drive replacement and maintenance a simple task for the IT generalist.

Flexible Storage Pool Architecture
QuantaStor's flexible storage pool architecture supports the use of two underlying pool types to accommodate varying data velocity and throughput scenarios. The ZFS type (default) is the most versatile and is ideal for IOPS intensive and general workloads while the XFS type is ideal for specialized media applications where high sequential I/O throughput is required. Additional appliances can be added to the system in just seconds using the web management interface.

Scale-up Capabilities
QuantaStor's scale-out NAS capability is an ideal solution for petabyte-scale storage that supports a wide range of applications and data types including rich media, high-performance compute, near-line storage, data compliance, private cloud and offsite archive.