QuantaStor SDS Use Cases

QuantaStor SDS, deployed by Global 500 companies worldwide, addresses a broad set of storage use cases including server virtualization, big data, cloud computing and high performance applications through scale-out physical and virtual storage appliances.


QuantaStor SDS appliances provide VMware certified high-availability and scale-out features and technologies needed for mission-critical desktop and server virtualization solutions.  

Backup & Archive

QuantaStor SDS provides critical data protection in the event of a major hardware or software failure that could be caused by events ranging from human error to natural disasters.

Disaster Recovery

QuantaStor SDS' grid technology enables users to deploy a highly efficient business continuity solution for remote backup and disaster recovery (DR) either locally or across global datacenters.

Big Data

Scaling to 64 petabytes and 64 nodes, QuantaStor SDS is an ideal solution for big data workloads including real-time data processing, content delivery and media archiving.