Manage large volumes of data with
Gluster and QuantaStor.

Bring management, monitoring, and NFS/CIFS services together into one platform
so that deployments can be done faster and easier, with point-click-provision simplicity.

GlusterFS is a scale-out filesystem that ties multiple underlying files systems together across appliances to present them in aggregate as a single filesystem or “single-namespace” as it’s often called.

In QuantaStor appliances, Gluster is layered on top of the QuantaStor Storage Pool architecture enabling the use of QuantaStor appliances for file, block, and scale-out file storage needs all at the same time.

Scale-out NAS using GlusterFS technology is great for unstructured data, archive, and many media use cases. Gluster and QuantaStor also enable High Availability (HA) by making multiple copies of data that are spread across multiple servers in a cluster to ensure no single point of failure.

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