QuantaStor v4.3

  • Adds new IBM Softlayer S3 Endpoints to the default Cloud Providers configuration
  • Adds new remote-replication load balancing support
  • Adds support for controlling encryption and compression in remote-replication
  • Adds password policy compliance enforcement support. (meets CJIS and NIST compliance)
  • Adds http to https redirect option to the Security Policy Manager Dialog
  • Adds option to disable http port 80 access to the Security Policy Manager Dialog
  • Adds support for long term replication checkpoint retention to remote replication system
  • Adds support for Active Directory RFC2307 mode
  • Adds remote-replication summary reports for easy tracking of replication activity over time
  • Various HA support enhancements

QuantaStor v4.2 (Feb 2017)

  • Simplifies setup of encrypted storage pools
  • Adds support for passphrase protecting encrypted storage pools
  • Adds Configuration Workflow Manager with easy workflows for common configuration tasks
  • Adds Storage Volume dashboard providing detailed view of the Logical and Physical Used capacity
  • Adds support for direct pass-through of raw storage devices such as SATA/NVMe SSD disks for use as iSCSI Storage Volumes
  • Adds NAS Gateway to object storage with one-to-one Cloud Container type
  • Adds support for IBM Bluemix S3 endpoints for Cloud Containers
  • Add support for Network Share aliases and sub-shares which assists with various use cases including remote replication/DR as well as support for special characters in share names
  • Upgrades ZFS filesystem drivers
  • Adds support for specifying custom POSIX UID/GID identifiers on users and groups
  • Various improvements to S3 object storage and scale-out NAS support (Ceph and Gluster)

QuantaStor v4.1 (November 2016)

  • Upgrades QuantaStor to 14.04 LTS basis
  • Improves HA failover performance and system startup speed
  • Adds support for using iSCSI volumes as back-end storage
  • Simplifies storage pool creation
  • Adds NVMe SSD support for use as read cache and write log devices
  • Adds support for secure DoD data shredding of storage pools
  • Adds dashboard showing real-time analytics for memory use, CPU load, and networking read/write use
  • Adds AES-NI accelerated cipher support to boost remote-replication performance
  • Upgrades object storage support to use new Ceph v10.2 (Jewel)
  • Enhances Backup Policy support so that data can be pushed/pulled to/from a QuantaStor Network Share to any external CIFS/NFS share on a third party server or NAS appliance.
  • Various improvements to S3 object storage and scale-out NAS support (Ceph and Gluster)

QuantaStor v4.0 (March 2016)

  • Adds support for encrypted storage pools
  • Adds consistency groups to remote replication system
  • Adds Trusted Domains to appliances joined to Active Directory domains
  • Adds support for Fibre Channel ALUA High Availability
  • Major web user interface upgrade
  • Upgrades kernel and driver support
  • Various improvements to S3 object storage and scale-out NAS support (Ceph and Gluster)

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