From accessing, collaborating and managing massive amounts of structured and unstructured scientific data to backup and migration strategies, object storage, genome-based file access, encryption and compliance, QuantaStor SDS can meet any storage workflow for pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations. QuantaStor SDS’ hyperscale grid technology enables the scaling of storage up and out to 64 physical or virtual storage appliances and 64 PB locally or dispersed across geographies. Easily provision storage from any appliance in the grid from a single web-based user management interface with no special client side software to install.

QuantaStor SDS also allows IT generalists to take advantage of complex open source file, block and object SDS technologies with only a few mouse clicks. QuantaStor SDS adds support for scale-out object storage via the S3 and SWIFT compatible REST-based protocols and integrates Ceph-storage technology to deliver scale-out block storage (iSCSI, Ceph RBD) and GlusterFS technology for scale-out NAS and file storage.

Key Features for Life Sciences

High Availability
QuantaStor SDS’ High Availability technology ensures business continuity in the event of a system failure such as a power outage, appliance hardware failure, software crash, or in some cases human error. QuantaStor grid failover is instantaneous in enabling Life Science employees to continue research and development with no disruption to application services.

QuantaStor SDS’ built-in replication ensures data can be moved across multiple sites for disaster recovery. QuantaStor replication also can support secure “on the wire” transmission as well as snapshots. Another unique feature for Life Sciences is the ability for QuantaStor replication to be used in a cascading manner, ideal for data distribution across the globe supporting research or securely distributing critical data.

Security and Encryption
QuantaStor SDS features "one-click" full drive encryption with AES-256 as well as “on-the-wire” encryption via SMB3, IPSec and HTTPS. Encryption and decryption performance is accelerated by as much as eight times through the use of Intel's AES-NI technology found on Intel Xeon® processors.

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