Media & Entertainment Webinar Series

To remain competitive and relevant in today's changing technology environment, Media & Entertainment industry IT organizations must move away from legacy to Software Defined Storage (SDS) platforms, adopt hybrid solutions with on premise and cloud storage, deploy Object storage for cost containment and upgrade network performance to 40-100gb. Learn how the OSNEXUS QuantaStor SDS platform helps companies adapt to a new storage paradigm of Software Defined Storage that delivers fast, scalable and flexible storage to meet the demands of any media workflow.

Attend an OSNEXUS Media & Entertainment Webinar to learn about:

  • The deep broadcast experience OSNEXUS brings to Media & Entertainment storage environments and QuantaStor SDS integration with current and next-generation applications

  • How OSNEXUS QuantaStor SDS solutions are typically less than half the cost of traditional storage arrays while providing an enterprise feature set and a more robust lifespan

  • How QuantaStor SDS solves over 90% of all Media & Entertainment storage use cases and provides TOTAL hardware flexibility

  • Complete data management for block, file and object can be accomplished without silos of data

  • QuantaStor SDS acceleration of digital media workflows and hyperscale, geographically dispersed deep archives

  • How next generation broadcasters will select an SDS solution as a competitive weapon

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OSNEXUS Media & Entertainment News:

OSNEXUS and FileCatalyst, a leading file transfer solution, recently announced a new partnership where the two softwares directly integrate to support multiple media workflows and allows for the accelerated movement of digital assets into QuantaStor SDS, regardless of physical location. To learn more about this partnership, click here.