Data Migration Edition

Move multiple terabytes of data easily and quickly with QuantaStor Data Migration Edition.

Easily migrate and transport multiple terabytes of file, block, and object storage between datacenters and on-premises sites using mobile hardware and a custom licensed edition of QuantaStor.


Data Migration Use Cases

Datacenter Consolidation

QuantaStor Data Migration Edition ensures that data is securely and cost-effectively transferred when consolidating under-performing data centers or optimizing existing data centers with new servers and storage infrastructure.

Cloud Migration

For migrating large amounts of data into or out of global datacenters or on-premises sites, QuantaStor Data Migration Edition is a fast, secure and cost-effective solution in lieu of transferring data via the Internet or WANs.

Content Distribution

QuantaStor Data Migration Edition can be used for sharing large amounts of data with customers or partners.

Disaster Recovery

For offline or online backups of large data quantities stored in datacenters or on-premises, QuantaStor Data Migration Edition appliances can retrieve or move large amounts of data more quickly than over high-speed Internet or WANs.

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IBM Mass Data Migration with QuantaStor


IBM Mass Data Migration uses QuantaStor appliances and Acromove ServerPack™ portable servers to ingest and transport up to 120TB of usable capacity from a datacenter into the IBM Cloud. IBM sends a pre-configured device and the IT team simply connects, ingests data onto the device, and ships it back to IBM for offload into Cloud Object Storage.