Virtual Storage Appliance


Run QuantaStor virtually with no dedicated hardware required.

QuantaStor VSAs increase the performance and efficiency of datacenters as VSAs can be deployed automatically and require much less hardware to run. QuantaStor VSAs can be combined into a heterogenous grid of virtual and physical QuantaStor appliances spanning on-premises locations and datacenters.

Virtual Storage Appliance Key Features

Multi-site Administration

QuantaStor license keys can be dynamically provisioned and retired for self-service management of license capacities, enabling easy expansion, contraction, and deployment of new appliances on demand with the Capacity-as-a-Service (CaaS) license.

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Heterogenous Grid Technology

With QuantaStor, organizations can deploy QuantaStor appliances using server hardware from multiple vendors along with VSAs. This simplifies and reduces the cost of scaling a given storage environment while increasing the usable lifespan of the hardware.

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Multi-Tenancy and NAS Gateway for 3rd Party SANs

Using physical QuantaStor appliances or QuantaStor VSAs, organizations can boost the value of their investments in existing SANs through the use of QuantaStor appliances as NAS gateways. By delivering storage via FC or iSCSI to a pair of QuantaStor appliances, storage is made highly-available and faster through the use of RAM as a read cache.

Software Licensing Advantages

QuantaStor software subscription licenses include all features, support and upgrades so that one need not worry about hidden costs which are common to traditional SAN/NAS solutions.