Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.3.2.

ISO/DVD/USB Boot Install Image


Release Notes


  • Updated hpsa driver 3.4.18-105
  • Updated mpt3sas driver
  • Added arcmsr driver v1.30.0X.27-20170206


  • Fixed an issue where a failed ceph OSD could cause other OSD's on the same node to fail to start.
  • Fixed: Added a check for Device Mapper based disk devices are blocked when creating Journal and OSD devices. These devices have a different dev partition path and will be supported in a future release.
  • Fixed: Optimized Ceph Journal device discovery for faster service startup.

Cloud Containers

  • Fixed: You can now remove Cloud Backups Schedules if there are no Cloud Containers present.

Disk Manager

  • Fixed: Trusty deployments will now support dm multipath disk configuration for SAS Disks when there is only a single path from one SAS cable physically connected.
  • Fixed: Added some improvements for multipath and disk discovery on service startup and disk rescans after multipath configuration changes. This change also helps ensure that if a disk or other hardware device is faulty or slow to respond that disk discovery continues on all other devices.
  • Fixed an issue with the physical disk and storage pool device identify logic where the Hardware Enclosure identify disk logic to blink the enclosures disk slot ID LED was not consistently used.

Hardware Controller Support

  • Added Broadcom LSI 9400 series HBA controller support.
  • Added Hardware Enclosure and Controller management support for Areca Controllers in JBOD mode and RAID0/1+0/5/6 arrays.
  • Added a Disk Temperature alert for disks that go above a specific centigrade value. The default for this threshold is 50C. This is currently supported on LSI MegaRAID and Areca RAID controllers, SAS HBA and other controller support will be available in a future release. The alert threshold can be customized with the addition of a 'disk_temp_alert_threshold=NN' definition under the [hw_controller] section in the /etc/quantastor.conf config file.
  • Added a new Drive Temperature column to the Controller Disks tab grid view in the Hardware Enclosure and Controllers section of the Web Manager.
  • Added additional Enclosure Layouts and Enclosure images for HPE, Dell and Supermicro enclosures.
  • Added: Drives that go above the temperature threshold will now show a OVER-TEMP Status in the Controller Disks grid view.
  • Updated MotionFX chassis enclosure images and details to reflect new Acromove branding.
  • Added additional Enclosure Layouts and Enclosure images for HPE, Dell, HGST, and Supermicro enclosures.

High Availability Failover

  • Added Site Cluster VIF to the Web Manager. Site Cluster VIF's can be used to create a Virtual interface specific to a specific site cluster. Recommended for cases such as Network Share Namespaces.
  • Fixed: Added a check for HA Storage Pools to ensure that grow checks if the disk is available from both nodes before performing the pool grow.
  • Fixed: Added a check for HA Storage Pools to ensure that selecting a new disk to be used as a cache device or spare checks if the disk is available from both nodes before performing the operation.
  • Fixed: Added a check for HA Storage Pools when adding a Hotspare disk that the drives are available from both systems.
  • Added the ability to failover Site Cluster VIF's to a specific node on the Site Cluster.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting Site Cluster HA VIF's on precise platforms, this was a regression from improvements introduced in the 4.3.0 release.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting an encrypted HA storage pool would leave encrypted devices open on the standby node.
  • Fixed an issue with Storage Pool device verification on failover of HA Encrypted storage pools.
  • Fixed an issue where the /etc/crypttab key entries were not cleaned up on the standby node after a HA Encrypted Storage Pool was deleted.

Remote Replication

  • Fixed and issue where a newly created storage system link would not have the reverse link persist after a reboot or management service restart
  • Fixed: Storage System links that do not have a bandwidth limit will now correctly show the default limit of 100 MB/s when upgrading from a older release.

Web Manager

  • Updated the Central Grid view of the Enclosure and Controllers section in the Web Manager to provide a more concise and easier to navigate display for enclosure layout and controller and enclosure selection.
  • Updated the Central grid views in the Web Manager to provide a clearer layout that shows more information all at the same time.
  • Added support for AD groups in the Network Share User and Group Quota dialog.
  • Fixed a help documentation link for the Remove Heartbeat Cluster Dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dashboard in the Ceph Tab of the Web Manager could collapse to a hidden state unexpectedly.
  • Fixed the Help Documentation for the FC Target port enable/Initiator Mode Enable dialogs.
  • Fixed: The Multipath Configurator scan drop down list will have single entries for each unique multipath capable device found.
  • Fixed: The Status field in the Controller Disks tab of the Hardware Enclosures and Controllers section is now wider to encompass most common disk status states.
  • Fixed: updated Execute Storage Pool Failover dialog to clarify the checkbox and it's effect for ensuring pool failover succeeds to the selected node in the event the original node fails to export the pool.

Storage Pool

  • Fixed: Task progress for a storage pool delete when a disk scrub is selected will now correctly show the progress for the overall task, including the scrub portion. Previously, individual scrub operations were reporting their process progress percentage as an update to the overall task, this resulted in the overall task progress being incorrect at times.
  • Fixed an issue with Pool deletion where the pool delete would fail if there was unexpected data in the pool mount path.


"* Added new CLI support for adding and removing Network Share Quotas per user and group. Previously this was only available in the Network Share User and Group Quota Manager dialog.

qs share-group-quota-add 
qs share-group-quota-remove 
qs share-user-quota-add 
qs share-user-quota-remove"

"* Added password token support for the .qs.cnf file in the root home directory on QuantaStor systems, this provides localhost authentication without needing to have the password in a authentication file for the root user.

Users can enable this by echoing the special token into the root users .qs.cnf file: 

echo ""localhost,admin,[QSCLITKN]"" > /root/.qs.cnf 

And then enabling token based authentication using the CLI command for the admin user shown below. 

qs user-modify admin --cli-auth=yes --server=localhost,admin,PASSWORD 

Note, if you have created a new Administrative role user, replace 'admin' with the name of your admin user."