Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.3.3.

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Release Notes


  • New SCST SCSI Target driver that allows iSCSI and FC ALUA luns to be presented from the same QuantaStor HA head nodes.

Cloud Containers

  • Added and Increased cache size for the stat cache used for S3FS based one-to-one Cloud Containers.
  • Fixed a problem where using multi delete volume would leave the cloud backup of a volume behind in the cloud container's mount directory.

High Availability Failover

  • Fixed: Added standby path ALUA Target Portal Group information to active node. This change accelerates path recovery for FC ALUA Storage Volumes.
  • Added support for FC ALUA for VMware clients.
  • Added HA Storage Pool support for disks and devices that provide unique device serial number identification via Vendor identification SCSI page 83
  • Fixed an issue where encrypted disk devices may not be automatically opened on HA failover of a Encrypted Storage Pool without a passphrase.
  • Fixed: Improved management around HA virtual interface location constraints.

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers:

  • Added new Broadcom HBA discovery support for the new IT mode controller section in the storcli raid utility.
  • Fixed: Updated sas3ircu utility that corrects a system crash when a system has a Broadcom 9400 series controller installed.
  • Fixed an issue with RAID Unit creation on Areca Hardware RAID controllers.
  • Added support for latest HPE hpssacli
  • Added: Disk Temperatures now supported on HPE Hardware RAID and SAS HBA controllers
  • Adds support for the SCSI Temperature field for disks on SAS HBA's.
  • Updated Broadcom storcli64 utility to version 007.0204.0000.0000 to support the latest LSI SAS HBA's and MegaRAID controllers.

Network Shares

  • Fix the QS CLI share-disable and share-enable to return the accurate value indicating if the share is active.
  • Fixed an issue with changing the description field in a Network Share Modify for shares and subshares.
  • Fixed: Share Quota support will now be greyed out in the WebUI dialogs for Network Shares created on Filesystems and Storage Pools that do not support quotas.
  • Added: Raise SMB limits to allow upto 1Million open files.
  • Fixed: Disabled ZFS only sync CLI flags in share-modify and share-create for non ZFS shares.

Remote Replication

  • Fixed an issue with share and volume associations to Remote Replication Schedule objects if a node is removed and re-added to the grid.
  • All nodes involved with the replication schedule need to be updated in the same downtime / maintenance to prevent ownership problems.
  • Resolved an issue with ownership of the Remote Replication Schedule object in a High Availability configuration.

Storage Volumes

  • Added 1KB, 2KB and 4KB block size support to ZFS Storage Volumes.
  • Fixed: Added additional locking protection to Storage volume multi-delete for mixed cloud XFS and ZFS deployments to ensure all volumes are removed as expected.

SCSI Target:

  • Fixed: Optimized SCSI target to only launch processes for mapped LUNs.


  • Disables SSH port forwarding in the sshd service.
  • Configured nginx to correctly send the X-Frame-Options header.

Web Manager

  • Added Internationalization support to the Configuration manager Dialog.
  • Fixed a problem where the login failure dialog was closing before the user could read it

Storage Pools

  • Added support for more than one Zil SLOG mirror per pool, now with multiple mirrors the SLOG can provide higher performance by utilizing 4 or more SSD devices.
  • Added enclosure awareness for DELL MD* devices to Storage Pool disk device RAID redundancy balancing.
  • Fixed an issue with creating XFS Storage Pools on Multipath disk devices.
  • Fixed an issue with removing a spare disk from a XFS Storage Pool md RAID configuration.
  • Fixed: Greatly reduced the number of alerts triggered for a storage pool repair action when global spares are not configured.
  • Fixed: qs-pool-create will now generate a unique pool name when no pool name provided.
  • Fixed: Clearer error messages for invalid pool names when creating a pool.

Service Core

  • Added new --secure=1 option to the qs-logreport command.
  • Added Samba audit logging feature for logging client access of Network Shares. This new option is available under the advanced tab of the Network Share Create and Modify Dialogs.
  • Removed telegraf statistic gathering for disk devices that are not being graphed.