v4.2.0.375 (Feb 17th 2017)

Upgrade Instructions

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ISO/DVD/USB Boot Install Image

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Release Notes

Network Shares

  • Added support for the '$' Character in Network Share names to provide support for Windows Client to automatically hide these Network Shares from Browsing.
  • Added the advanced recordsize option for Network Shares created on ZFS Storage Pools.
  • Added support to Network Shares for presenting a Secondary path (Alias) and/or Sub-folder via CIFS and NFS.
  • Fixed: Network Share Snapshots inherit the parent shares Security and access list settings.

Cloud Containers

  • Added a new One-to-One Cloud Container that uses S3FS to provide a direct Object mapping for every file written to the Cloud Container Network Share.
  • Added support for custom S3 endpoints.
  • Added new qs CLI commands to allow for management of Cloud Provider Locations, Cloud Providers, and Cloud Provider Credentials.
  • Fixed an issue where the S3/Swift bucket at the Cloud Provider would not be removed during a cloud container delete.
  • Fixed: Cloud Containers now report a Type of 'cloud' in their share list properties.
  • QuantaStor now uses awscli for all internal S3 endpoint management.

Storage Volumes

  • Added additional Columns and Properties to the Storage Volume Section of the WebUI to better show the PhysicalUsed capacity(after compression) on disk, Logical Used capacity(what the client has allocated) and child Snapshot Physical used capacity.
  • Added the qs volume-create-passthru command to allow for passthrough of Raw Storage devices such as NVMe disks as Storage Volumes.

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Added new Custom Chassis Tag for Hardware Disk Enclosures. This allows for custom names for the Disk Enclosures to match any real world location/naming scheme used in your orgination. If the same Custom Tag is used on multiple enclosures, QuantaStor will refer to them as the same enclosure., this is helpful for some Vendor enclusres that have a SAS Expander Backplane in the front and Back of their JBOD chassis that would normally appear as seperate enclosures.
  • Added further enhancements to the Hardware unit to Physical disk correlation.
  • Enhanced the iSCSI Software Adapter Create Dialog.
  • Fixed: the iSCSI SW Adapter now logins to it's remote targets much faster.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Disk Locator light function from working on some Hardware Disk Enclosures.

Storage Pool and Disk Management

  • Added Hardware Disk Correlation in the Physical Disk view of the WebUI.
  • ZFS is now the default Storage pool type for 'qs pool-create' if a pool type is not specified.
  • Fixed: ZFS Storage pools comprised of Physical Disks which are Hardware RAID units, will now show a Combined RAID level property of (HWRAID+ZFSRAID). For instance, if underlying Hardware RAID 6 is used alongside ZFS RAID 0 the Value would report as (RAID6+0) or if HW RAID10 with ZFS RAIDZ2(6) the result would be (RAID10+6).
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing growing a Storage Pool if a Remote Replication was running for a Storage Volume/Network Share on that pool.
  • Fixed an issue where the suggested RAID level for a chosen number of disks would be incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where multipath disks could sometimes appear as dm-name-mpathN device identifier instead of the always unique dm-UUID device identifier.
  • Fixed an issue where the physical disk multipath flag was not inheriting to encrypted device objects. This would result in a warning flag appearing on the device in the WebUI and Cli properties.
  • Fixed an issue where Storage Pools created without multipath device id's would not automatically import on boot up once multipathing is enabled for the disk devices and the system rebooted.

High Availability

  • Fixed an issue where ZFS Storage pool imports could take a much longer time than expected to import during an HA Pool Failover.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes occur after a QuantaStor HA node is upgraded and a Storage Pool Failover occurs where the Network Share user and group access list information could be removed.
  • Fixed: the FC-ALUA standby path devices will correctly appear on the passive node after a HA Storage Pool has been taken over by a node filling the active role. This fixes an issue introduced in the 4.1.5 release.
  • Fixed an issue with HA failover that could sometimes occur if the designated grid port was not available. Now the HA nodes try communicating via the Heartbeat ring interfaces if the normal grid communication port is unavailable.

Disk Encryption / Security

  • Added support for custom Encrypted Storage Pool key Passphrases. This allows for workflows where the Encrypted Storage Pool remains locked for access on bootup unless a Admin starts the storage Pool and enters the Passphrase. The Passphrase can be changed if needed from the Modify Storage Pool dialog advanced options.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the DoD shred option to fail on Storage Pool with Encrypted disks.
  • Fixed: Encrypted Disk devices formatted using the Format Disk tool will now properly close out the dm-enc-* device releasing the underlying physical disk device for use.
  • Fixed: the 'qs-util crypttabrepair' utility will now try all available encryption keys instead of defaulting to the enc-scsi-*.key file that matches the enc-scsi-* device name.
  • Various fixes for Encrypted Storage Pool management.

Web Manager

  • Added a search bar to the tree view in various sections to allow for faster navigation.
  • Added New Dashboard to the Ceph Scale-out section in the WebUI that shows a more detailed picture of how the physical storage is being used.
  • Added New Dashboard to the Storage pool section in the WebUI that shows a more detailed picture of how the physical storage is being used.
  • Added support for creating custom Cloud Provider and Cloud Provider Locations(endpoints) in the WebUI.

User Management

  • QuantaStor now allows for custom UID/GID settings for Local QuantaStor users.
  • Added groups to Local user management in QuantaStor web interface. This includes managing the local POSIX group and GID.

Remote Replication and Snapshots

  • Fixed: Large and long running replication transfers in the same schedule with other pending replications could result in a serialization lock error causing the pending replication tasks to fail.
  • Fixed an issue where Manually triggering a Snapshot schedule could sometimes result in a silent failure.

Ceph Scale-out Block and Object

  • Fixed an issue with Ceph Journal device discovery on System Boot.

Core Service

  • Throttled the Storage Pool Low Free Space Alerts which could sometimes occur at 10 minute intervals to every two months at the Warning level, monthly at Alert level and weekly at Critical level.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'samba4-install' script could not connect to the update servers that contained the samba4 update packages.
  • It is now possible to use the samba4-install script on precise platforms to upgrade from Samba 3.x to Samba 4.x without needing to leave the AD domain to perform the upgrade.
  • Added new 'qs grid-send-supportlogs' and improved Send Support Logs dialog to allow customers to easily send logs to the OSNEXUS support team from multiple nodes in the grid.
  • Additional Grid performance and service improvements.


  • Updated SNMP MIB for 4.2


  • Updated VSS Provider.