v4.2.1.018 (March 3rd 2017)

Upgrade Instructions

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ISO/DVD/USB Boot Install Image

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Release Notes


High Availability

  • Fixed: During a Manual Storage Pool Failover operation, the failover will now continue if the original owner of the Pool is unresponsive or unable to export the pool. This is now equivalent to using the force flag in the Execute Storage Pool Failover Dialog, which is now checked by default.

Network Shares

  • Added support for 256K, 512K and 1024K Record Sizes in Network Shares.
  • Fixed: New Network Share Namespaces are browseable and public by default.
  • Fixed an issue with renaming Network Shares that contain special characters such as $.
  • Fixed: a check has been added to ensure a Network Share is not renamed when it is part of a existing namespace as this can lead to unexpected behavior. If you wish to rename a share, please remove it from the namespace configuration, rename it and add it back.
  • Fixed an issue with the Modify NFS Client Access dialog under the The Network Share> NFS Client Access tab so that the Correct network Share is automatically selected and the rule to be modified can be selected from the drop down menu.

Remote Replication and Snapshots

  • Fixed: Network Share Subshares and Aliases are now correctly filtered from selection as a remote replication or snapshot source.
  • Fixed an issue with Replication of Shares that include a $ in the name.

Storage Pools

  • Added: the 'qs pool-create' argument '--disk-list' now supports specifying [n] number of disks or [*] to use all available disks when creating the Storage Pool.
  • Fixed: Updated Storage Pool Create, Modify, Grow and other Dialogs to be much more elastic.
  • Fixed: Storage Pool Modify, Grow and other dialogs now include more useful details displayed regarding the pool RAID type, RAID set size and other properties.
  • Fixed: Operations on Encrypted Storage Pools that require access to the Encryption key will now Fail with a clear error message prompting for the Pool to be opened with the Passphrase so that the operation can be performed.
  • Fixed a few small items that would cause the Storage Pool Dashboard to not display when selecting a different Storage Pool.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong device path location was being used for ZFS Storage Pools when adding/removing cache devices and spares.

Storage Volumes

  • Added support for 256K, 512K and 1024K Record Sizes in Storage Volumes.
  • Adds new Storage Volume Dashboard in the Storage Volume section of the WebUI. The Storage Volume Dashboard provides a detailed view of the Logical and Physical Used capacity.
  • Fixed: The Storage Volume Modify Advanced Settings Dialog now correctly shows the Block Size that was chosen when the Storage Volume was Created. Previously this information was only available via the Properties view.

Scale-Out File Storage (Gluster)

  • Added a health check for the Selected Gluster Peers before a Gluster Volume Create, Modify or Grow operations can be executed.
  • Fixed: Gluster Volumes now correctly with type gvol in 'qs share-list' output.
  • Fixed: Gluster Volumes now include a Logical Used attribute to show the logically used capacity before mirroring or erasure coding.
  • Fixed: Storage Pool type now shows N/A for Gluster Shares as there is no direct mapping to the underlying pool for this Share type.

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Fixed an issue where Write Caching was shown as enabled for a RAID unit when the RAID controller BBU was failed or not present and the RAID controller was defaulting to Write Through mode.
  • Fixed an Issue where the default enclosure layout view was not being selected on newly added Enclosures.

Web Manager

  • Fixed an issue in the WebUI where new items added to a tree view would not show up until a discovery cycle or Browser reload has occurred.
  • Fixed an issue where Virtual Interfaces could not be created from the WebUI if the gateway field was empty.

Core Service

  • Added: Enterprise License keys now support License Capacity Passthrough when using LUNs presented from QuantaStor Backend Storage Appliances.
  • Updated API and CLI Documentation for the 4.1 and newer releases.
  • Fixed an issue where UEFI installs would incorrectly show the Base OS grub splash screen settings instead of those for QuantaStor.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the hourly automatic management database backups from occurring in some scenarios.