v4.2.2.045 (April 5th 2017)

Upgrade Instructions

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ISO/DVD/USB Boot Install Image

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Release Notes

High Availability

  • Added a better Cluster site overview to the Cluster Resource Management section of the WebUI. Now when a site cluster is selected the central grid view will show all details regarding status for the Site Cluster nodes and services. Previously this information was available in separate tabs in the grid view and not always apparent.
  • Added: The Add Cluster Heartbeat ring Dialog now selects all nodes in the selectd Site Cluster by default reducing the number of clicks to create additional site cluster heartbeat rings.
  • Added the new Restart Site Cluster Services dialog and 'qs site-cluster-restart-services' CLI command that allows for Administrators to restart the heartbeat ring and site cluster service on a chosen node.
  • Fixed an issue where a Site Cluster would remain in a Warning state after the heartbeat rings and nodes were brought back to a Healthy state. It will now report a Healthy state as expected.
  • Fixed: Highly Available Storage Pools now add a protection lock on pool Import to ensure that they are not re-imported if they had previously failed to export on an automatic or manually initiated failover. Previously this check only occurred on pool export.

Network Shares

  • Added a check to Network Share Delete to ensure that any Network Share Aliases/Subshares are removed before the parent Network Share can be removed.
  • Fixed: Network Share Aliases now report a share type of alias. As they are an alias of the parent Network Share, they will now report N/A or '0' for their Logical Used/Physical Used to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed: The Network Share Logical Used and Physical Used reporting in the WebUI now matches the same precision with less rounding as the 'qs share-list' CLI output.
  • Fixed: Changes to the NFS exports for deletion or disabling a Network Share object now use a safe reload method for updating the NFS exports table. The create Network Share and Create Network Share Snapshot functions have been using this reload function for sometime.
  • Fixed an issue where subshare/aliases selected for removal in the MultiDelete Network Share Dialog would sometimes fail to be removed.
  • Fixed an issue where a newly created local clone of a Network Share would inherit the mountpoint property of the source Network Share. Previously this could lead to the source Network Share being taken offline if the clone share is disabled or removed.
  • Fixed an issue where disabling or deleting a Network Share Alias could unmount the Parent Network Share.
  • Fixed: Lazy Deleted Network Shares will now correctly be cleaned up on system boot or the next Storage Pool discovery cycle.

Storage Pools

  • Added new 'Hardware' Column to the disk selection section of the Storage Pool Create Dialog that provides a way to sort and select the disks based on disk location.
  • Fixed an issue where Growing A ZFS Storage Pool was not retaining enclosure level redundancy as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Snapshot Physical used capacity would incorrectly appear in the other category in the Storage Pool Dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue with pool import on disks with multipath devices.

Storage Volumes

  • Updated the Storage Volume Group icon with a new icon that provides a clearer difference between Storage Volumes and Volume Groups in the Storage Volume tree view.

Scale-out Block and Object (Ceph)

  • New icons used for Ceph RBD Storage Volumes.
  • Fixed an issue with creating a Ceph Scale-out Object Storage Pool Group.
  • Fixed an issue where OSD's could sometimes not start after reboot for Ceph cluster nodes on the Trusty Platform.

Web Manager

  • New Workflow Manager with easy workflows for common initial setup tasks. This replaces the previous System Checklist.
  • New Workflow Manager splash screen when logging into the Web Manager for Migration Edition. This new window present common initial tasks for the Migration Edition such opening/starting the encrypted pool, viewing the share mount commands, shutting down the storage appliance and other common tasks.


  • Added a validation check to ensure correct iQN formatting to the 'qs host-initiator-add' command.
  • Changed Link state column in the 'qs target-port-list' to show Link Up/Link Down instead of 'Normal'. Verbose output for the 'qs target-port-list' and 'qs target-port-get' commands show Link up/Link Down instead of 'Normal'. XML output will continue to report a enum of '0' or '1' as previously estabilished.

Core Service

  • Fixed the dependencies for the qstorservice so that the samba-client package is suggested and not a hard dependency. This is required top allow the upcoming precise to trusty platform upgrade path.