v4.4.2.004 (January 19th 2017)

Upgrade Instructions

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Release Notes

High Availability VIF

  • Fixed an issue where Gluster and Site Cluster VIFs could not be manually failed over with the 'Move HA Virtual Interface' option in the WebUI.
  • Fixed an issue where a Gluster VIF would not automatically move to the next available active node in the event of a node failure.


  • Fixed: Gluster Peer Setup now performs attaches to a selected set of nodes.
  • Fixed an issue with the qs-util resetids command for resetting the Gluster service unique ID.

Remote Replication

  • Fixed: an issue with the Remote Replicated volume target _chkpnt where it would not appear in the WebUI. This was a regression introduced with the 4.4.1 release. This fix renames the _chkpnt to have the correct UUID so that remote replication will display all associated target child snapshots and continue as expected.


  • Added new SnmpTrapType to SNMP alertEntry:
 OID: . 
  • Updated SNMP MIB

Hardware Controllers and Enclosures

  • Fixed an issue with the disk warning alert where the count would report '0 of N' disks. This alert has been corrected with the correct number of disks. If you are seeing this alert after upgrading it means that a set number of Disks are in a warning state due to SMART Health or Over Temperature alert states. Further investigation of disk health states can then be performed under the Hardware Controller > Disks section of the QuantaStor management interface to determine any corrective hardware actions that need to be performed.

Pass-thru Storage Volumes

  • Fixed a Management service crash that could occur with Pass-thru Storage Volumes presented via Fibre Channel.