v4.4.3.006 (February 1st 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.4.3.

ISO/DVD/USB Boot Install Image

Release Notes

Remote Replication

  • Added Active Replica Checkpoint flag to Network shares and Storage Volumes that will temporarily disable Remote replication schedules or Replication tasks when active client access is enabled. This ensures that users who assign access to a Network Share or Storage Volume for a Replica Checkpoint or Checkpoint Snapshot at a particular time do not have the data set change due to an enabled replication schedule or manually triggered replication.

Active Directory

  • Fixed: RFC2307 will now correctly always appear in the Active Directory Configuration dialog if the server selected is running the Precise platform with the optional Samba4 version installed.

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Fixed an error with the new SES SAS Hardware Enclosure discovery in QuantaStor deployed on precise platforms.
  • Fixed a incorrect SMART alert on QuantaStor Deployments running on precise that would set disks with a warning status. This Issue does not occur on deployments running on the Trusty Platform.


  • Fixed: Resolved a dependency issue with the install media that was preventing EFI/UEFI BIOS installs when internet access was not available.