v4.5.0.148 (March 9th 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

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Release Notes

Kernel Update

  • Updated Linux Kernel to 4.4.0-112

Driver Updates

  • Updated SCST FC and iSCSI target driver 3.3.0
  • Updated i40e driver to 2.4.3
  • Updated igb driver to
  • Updated e1000e driver to
  • Updated megaraid_sas driver to 07.704.04.00
  • Updated aacraid driver to 1.2.1-55022
  • Updated mlnx-ofed-kernel driver to 3.4
  • Updated hpsa driver to 3.4.20
  • Updated sfc driver to
  • Updated arcmsr driver to 1.30.0X.27-20170206
  • Updated smartpqi driver to 1.1.2-125


  • Kernel 4.4.0-112 includes fixes for the below Security items:
Spectre - Variant 1 - Bounds Check Bypass - CVE-2017-5753 

Meltdown - Variant 3 - Rogue Data Cache Load - CVE-2017-5754 

Note: Spectre Variant 2 CVE-2017-5715 is a firmware code issue and can only be addressed with updated microcode in a Motherboard BIOS or firmware update from the Processor manufacturer.


  • Fixed an issue where unassigned ceph journal devices were not showing up in the ceph journal tab. [ QSTOR-4520 ]

Cloud Alerting Integrations:

  • Added Slack Cloud alert support for alerts of Warning or higher severity. If you are interested in adding this slack integration to a channel on your workspace please contact support@osnexus.com for assistance. [ QSTOR-4400 ]

Community Edition:

  • Added support for community Edition License to have a QuantaStor management grid upto 3-nodes. [ QSTOR-4405 ]

Disk Management:

  • Adds enhanced support for NVME hot swap devices with Kernel 4.4.0-112-generic on trusty based deployments. NVME devices now have a better device Path with a unique serial number identifier. [ QSTOR-4445 ]
  • Added: Disk Format now supports cleaning up disk entries for multipath disks that had partitions. [ QSTOR-4465 ]
  • Optimized Physical Disk discovery and correlation. This reduces the time of HA Failover, Pool Startup and Physical Disk Scan tasks. [ QSTOR-4493 ]
  • Added: Pools created with partitions instead of raw block device (such as those without multipathing or encryption configured) now show the partition -part1 on the Storage Pool Disk and Physical Disk Objects. This provides better visibility into the Storage Pools device management and matches the output from 'zpool status -P'. Note: QuantaStor fully supports pools which include both partitioned disks and raw disk devices. For example a configuration without multiplathing would use the partition disk scheme during pool creation, later when multipathing is added and the pool is grown the new disks would utilize the raw disk multipath devices in addition to the -part1 partitioned devices. HA is fully supported in this Scenario. [ QSTOR-4528 ]
  • Fixed: removed grouping in the Central Physical Disk grid of the WebUI. This fixes an issue where disks with similar names would be on different pages when a user had a filter for serial or name in place. [ QSTOR-4473 ]


  • Added monitoring and automatic startup of glusterfs service if it is not running. [ QSTOR-4464 ]
  • Added Network Share Alias and sub-share support to Scale-out NAS Gluster Volumes. [ QSTOR-4406 ]
  • Added the ability to create and manage multiple Scale-out Gluster clusters in the same grid. [ QSTOR-4406 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers:

  • Adds support for HGST 4U60 Bay G2 and G3 enclosure services and enclosure slot layout. [ QSTOR-4461 ]
  • Fixed a race condition with very large disks configs and Disk Identify LED Blinking via SES protocol. [ QSTOR-4553 ]
  • Fixed an issue that could cause slow response in the Hardware Enclosure and Controllers section of the WebUI. [ QSTOR-4451 ]

Network Shares:

  • Fixed an issue with Network Share cloning to local storage Pools or the same storage pool. [ QSTOR-4560 ]

Networking Management:

  • Added support for creating non-ha Virtual Interfaces ontop of VLAN Interfaces. [ QSTOR-4385 ]
  • Added: VLAN interfaces can now be configured directly ontop of an unconfigured network port. Previously creating VLAN interfaces would require a network interface to be active and have IP's configured. [ QSTOR-1383 ]

QuantaStor ISO Installer

  • Fixed an issue with the disc intergrity test that could falsely report a checksum failure for md5sum.txt. [ QSTOR-4479 ]

Remote Replication:

  • Fixed an issue where a _chkpnt share marked as an active replica checkpoint could cause a schedule to fail to trigger even if the _chkpnt share and it's source share were removed from the schedule. [ QSTOR-4476 ]

SCSI Target Driver:

  • Removed Infiniband srpt support in favor of iSER with SCST 3.3.0 driver. [ QSTOR-4557 ]

Storage Pool High Availability Failover:

  • Fixed an issue where pool failover could sometimes fail in non-multipath environments where a pool is created or grown with a large number of disks. This also resolves the same issue in scenarios where a pool is created without multipathing and multipathing is configured at a later date and the pool is failed over. [ QSTOR-3211 ]

Storage Pool Encryption:

  • Added NVME disks to the list of devices that can be used with Storage Pool Encryption. [ QSTOR-4379 ]
  • Fixed an issue where encrypted disk information was not being updated on the standby node in an HA Failover pair after pool grow, spare add or cache device add actions.
  • Fixed: Encrypted disk open during a failover has been optimized to greatly reduce failover times in the event a Pools encrypted disks have not yet been opened after a pool grow or initial HA pool creation and failover testing. [ QSTOR-4496 ]

Storage Pool Hotspare Manager:

  • Added support for auto-spare replacement of a failed disk with Global spares on Encrypted Storage Pools. [ QSTOR-4523 ]
  • Fixed an issue where a hot spare disk replacement action could fail for spare disk devices in pools on systems where multipathing was enabled after pool creation. [ QSTOR-4485 ]
  • Fixed an issue where a hot spare replace action would fail for dedicated spare disks. [ QSTOR-4486 ]
  • Fixed an issue where a hotspare that was just added could be marked as faulted after failover or adding another hotspare to the same pool. [ QSTOR-4544 ]
  • Fixed an issue where adding a spare would raise a warning alert regarding pool repair completion on a healthy pool that was never degraded. [ QSTOR-4552 ]

Storage Pool:

  • Added new 'Enclosure Redundancy' property that appears in the Storage Pool section of the webUI and qs pool-list CLI output that is used to indicate if a Storage Pool is currently redundant across JBODs in multiple disk enclosure configurations. [ QSTOR-4422 ]
  • Added the ability to create Storage Pools with RAID 6 / Z3 / 60 / Z3+0 on odd or uneven balanced JBOD enclosures (10 disks in one JBOD and 15 in the other) while retaining enclosure level redundancy. [ QSTOR-4426 ]
  • Fixed: Better scoped the right click menu options for XFS STorage pools to remove items that only apply for ZFS selections. [ QSTOR-4550 ]
  • Removed XFS Storage Pool Replication menu options from the WebUI. These options continue to be available from the CLI for legacy users. [ QSTOR-4409 ]
  • Fixed a regression where the Storage Pool I/O profile was not being set to the default profile if no other selection was chosen. [ QSTOR-4477 ]
  • Storage Pool Disk Devices now persist with the Storage Pool Parent even if they are missing from the system. Missing Storage Pool Disks will have a red exclamation next to them in the Storage Pool Web view to indicate the missing status. The Storage Pool Disk object contains details in it's properties for the disk Serial# and it's last known enclosure and slot location. This allows for ease of use in tracking down a Disk that has failed completely and gone dark to all system discovery, identity or presence commands. [ QSTOR-4298 ]

VMware Support:

  • Added: VAAI is now supported for Storage Volume Remote Replica _chkpnts and Snapshots. [ QSTOR-4567 ]

Web Manager:

  • Added a Performance view to the Dashboard for Storage Volumes and Storage Pools to show Read and Write graphs for: IOPS, Throughput and I/O Time [ QSTOR-4123, QSTOR-4467 ]
  • Added new Web Interface Customization tab to the Create User and Modify User Dialogs. This allows for customizing what sections of the webUI are visible on a per user basis. [ QSTOR-4433 ]
  • Added: New Icons in the webUI to indicate when a physical disk is fenced for use by a Storage Pool. New option columns in the Physical Disk Grid view can provide further details. [ QSTOR-4024 ]
  • Added: The Grid Dashboard now shows a counter in the System tile for Share and Volume Snapshots. Previously, snapshots had been included in the overall Volume and Share count. [ QSTOR-4572 ]
  • Fixed: Improved responsiveness in the Central Web Manager grid views for Enclosure and Ceph. [ QSTOR-4457 ]
  • Moved the memory graph in the Storage System Dashboard to be in it's own chart. [ QSTOR-4490 ]
  • Removed grouping sections in Storage Pool device list for data / cache and spare disks in favor of the older sorting and filtering method as it takes up less room on smaller display resolutions. [ QSTOR-4475 ]


  • Adds alert-StorageSystemName property to SNMP alerts to show the hostname of the originating Storage System raising the alert. [ QSTOR-4502 ]

  • Fixed: The qs pool-remove-write-log command now supports removing disks by name, previously it had required passing in the id of the disk. [ QSTOR-4407 ]
  • Fixed: electing a grid master via the cli 'qs grid-set-master' now correctly returns a response reflecting the new grid master. [ QSTOR-4543 ]
  • Fixed an issue where modifying a Host Description field with host-modify would rename the host. [ QSTOR-4565 ]

Service Core:

  • Added additional backups of samba configuration file on AD join/leave. [ QSTOR-4413 ]
  • Added auto-repair from backup of the global section of the samba configuration if it is found to be missing during a share modify or Management service startup. [ QSTOR-4412 ]
  • Fixed an issue with correctly filtering out rbd and zvol devices in udev on trusty. [ QSTOR-4460 ]