v4.5.1.003 (March 16th 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.5.1.

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Release Notes

Encrypted Storage Pool

  • Fixed an issue with starting Passphrase Protected Encrypted Storage after upgrading from 4.4.3 or earlier releases. [ QSTOR-4598 ]

Storage Pool Management

  • Added a widget to the Pool Stats to indicate short hand Millisecond numbers from the raw Nanosecond numbers provided with 4.5.0. [ QSTOR-4597 ]
  • Fixed: The Storage Pool Create Dialog was filtering out Hardware RAID unit based Physical disks that have the same serial# but different SCSI Device ID's. This corrects a regression introduced in 4.5.0. [ QSTOR-4600 ]

Web Manager

  • Added new column search filtering in a few of the Management grid views that deal with Large sets of items such as Volumes, Network Shares, Pools and Disks. [ QSTOR-4210 ]
  • Expanded the size of the Ceph Cluster create dialog to show more nodes. [ QSTOR-4584 ]

Core Service and CLI

  • Updated Windows CLI for QuantaStor [ QSTOR-4592 ]