QuantaStor's Scale-out Block Storage was designed specifically to simplify the deployment and management of high-performance storage for OpenStack deployments. Using Ceph-based storage pools with hardware RAID to accelerate performance via NV-RAM and SSD read/write cache layers, QuantaStor provides the fastest, most reliable, and easiest to manage Ceph storage solution for OpenStack cloud deployments.

QuantaStor's Ceph-based block storage pools provide active/active highly available block storage with instant failover. QuantaStor scale-out configurations enable the use of enterprise SATA, SAS and datacenter grade SSDs to be combined to deliver high-performance storage using an efficient hybrid mix of platter and solid state storage. Storage grids scale-out from just three appliances to 64 appliances in a single cluster with zero downtime. Storage is accessible via iSCSI and the native Ceph RBD client for optimal performance.  

Block Storage Key Features

Scale-out HA Block Storage with Ceph
Hyperscale to 64 appliances with up to 32PB of storage per cluster. Ideal for multi-tenant hosting environments. Supports quality of service controls (QoS) and iSCSI. Uses all drive types (SATA, SAS, SSD) and hardware RAID or HBAs.

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