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QuantaStor 5 Solution Designer - Object & Block Storage
Server Specification
Log devices boost write performance by committing a copy of all data writes to fast NVMe/SSD storage first which enables the system flush data out to HDD devices asynchronously and more efficiently in larger blocks.
Storage Configuration
Compression % indicates the amount of additional usable capacity is gained due to data compression. If the data is pre-compressed such as images, video or pre-encrypted files set this to 0%.
Overhead % indicates the amount of usable capacity that will not be used in order to avoid performance degradation. Archive configurations which are generally write-once-read-many can set this to a low value like 2-5%. Database and server/desktop virtualization storage should set this to a higher value like 20 to 30%. Larger pools (100TB+) required lower amounts of overhead.
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QuantaStor Storage Grid Licensing
Solution Summary
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