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OS NEXUS - Storage Made Simple
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  • Secure & Simple Management

    Easy to use, maintain and support, QuantaStor's advanced web management interface is fast and intuitive, enabling you to efficiently manage your systems on-site or remotely over a secure SSL connection.

QuantaStor SDS appliance software runs on commodity server hardware and makes enterprise storage management easy. With unique scale-out management technology and support for all major SAN/NAS protocols including iSCSI/FC and NFS/CIFS, you now have a viable alternative to proprietary hardware based storage solutions. Save money, go faster, deploy your next cloud with QuantaStor SDS.

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Looking to dynamically deploy high performance, reliable dedicated storage appliances for your customers? See what sets QuantaStor Cloud Edition apart. Scale your virtualized environment with ease using QuantaStor’s scale-out management technology and deep integration with hardware RAID & SSD caching. With enterprise performance and reliability at a fraction of the cost, see how we can boost performance for your media editing, rendering, and playback system by upwards of 10x.