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QuantaStor™ Software Defined Storage Platform

You pick the server, Dell, HP, SuperMicro, it all works.

QuantaStor™ storage appliance software is a combined SAN (iSCSI/FC) + NAS (NFS) storage system OS built on top of Ubuntu Server (Linux) which installs on any commodity 64bit Intel or AMD server.

Enterprise grade software with Consumer grade simplicity.

QuantaStor™ was designed for the IT generalist that has to do it all. Virtualization, network configuration, storage configuration, these are all daily tasks for system administrators today so legacy systems that require one to read reams of documentation and attend week long training courses to configure just don't work. QuantaStor is different, it's fast, intuitive, and the advanced Web 2.0 management interface enables you to operations like provisioning and assignment of storage in just a few clicks with no management software to install.

Upgrades made simple.

Upgrades are managed right from within the web management interface and most upgrades can be done while the system is running and without a reboot. You can also upgrade from any older version to the latest version in one go.

Advanced feature set.

QuantaGrid scale-out management, thin-provisioning, storage pool/volume resizing, integrated hardware RAID and SSD cache management, and volume cloning which together make it ideally suited for a broad set of applications including virtualization, video production, web servers, application servers, and disk based backup. 

Integrated Hardware RAID Management

QuantaStor works best with a hardware RAID controller such as the LSI MegaRAID line of RAID controllers, please see our hardware compatibility list for more information on which models of RAID controllers are supported. For more detailed information on the individual features of QuantaStor™ click here.

For more information on our partner program and how you can become an OEM reseller please contact us at or fill out our 'Partner Sign-up' form. QuantaStor v3 Software Product Brochure