The QuantaStor SDS platform provides scale-out technology while simplifying the archive, backup and recovery process. With QuantaStor SDS, critical data is protected in the event of a major hardware or software failure that could be caused by events ranging from human error to a natural disaster. 

Scale-out Backup and Archive Storage

For applications that require a single massive namespace, QuantaStor can be deployed as a grid of appliances to deliver up to 64PB of storage in a single scale-out filesystem accessible via major protocols including NFS and CIFS/SMB. Scale-out solutions can be made highly available when storage is provisioned using erasure coding or replica-based storage configurations ensuring that the storage remains fully available to applications even when an appliance node goes offline.

Scale-up Backup and Archive Storage

For applications that require data compression, remote replication and snapshots we recommend our highly available ZFS-based solutions. QuantaStor’s grid management technology can also be used to combine appliances to simplify management of storage nodes deployed across global data centers. For high performance applications, SSDs can be used to accelerate performance while HDDs can be used for reaching high-capacity storage goals up to 64PB per grid. 

QuantaStor Archive and Backup Solution Features

Fault Tolerance and High Availability
Both single-node and multi-node solutions leverage hardware accelerated RAID to ensure fault-tolerance in the event of a disk failure. Multi-node scale-out configurations additionally can be made highly-available when configured to use erasure coding or replica-based file mirroring.   

Powerful Snapshotting Technology
Easy-to-configure backup policies with QuantaStor SDS enables multiple copies of snapshots to be taken from any server, appliance or desktop PC. IT administrators can also maintain a full data backup within any time frame.

Parallel Backup Streaming
QuantaStor SDS supports up to 64 concurrent backup streams. Parallel backup streams dramatically speed up the backup process and shrinks backup window timing. This enables large backups to be completed within a tight time frame.  

Highly Efficient Disk and Network Utilization
Compression and deduplication ensures that network traffic and storage capacities are minimized. QuantaStor SDS supports compression rates up to 300 percent of actual physical-disk capacity.

Secure Data Backup and Archive
QuantaStor SDS supports Self-Encrypting Drives, protecting all data committed to disk with minimal system performance impact. This is particularly critical for sensitive applications in healthcare, financial services and the public sector. QuantaStor SDS also supports hardware RAID from all major vendors making it simple to manage a disk failure in high capacity storage arrays with massive amounts of disk. 

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