Secure sensitive data and scale as needed with QuantaStor’s robust platform.

QuantaStor has advanced security features catered towards Government organizations such as Role-based Access Controls, NIST regulatory compliances, and more.

QuantaStor for Government Key Features

High Availability

QuantaStor’s High Availability technology ensures business continuity in the event of a system failure such as a power outage, appliance hardware failure, software crash, or in some cases human error. QuantaStor grid failover is instantaneous with no disruption to application services.

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Security and Encryption

QuantaStor features "one-click" full drive encryption with AES-256 as well as “on-the-wire” encryption via SMB3, IPSec and HTTPS. Encryption and decryption performance is accelerated by as much as eight times through the use of Intel's AES-NI technology found on Intel Xeon® processors.

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Big Data

Big Data requires storage architectures that not only scale but are flexible enough to handle a wide range of workloads ranging from real-time data processing and analytics, archiving and “cold” data storage. With the ability to scale to over 100 petabytes per storage grid, QuantaStor is an ideal solution for Big Data workloads. Key features include scale-out NAS capability, Global Namespace support, and end-to-end encryption.

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