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QuantaStor v5 ISO Install Media for USB/DVD
To install, simply download the CD/DVD ISO file and then use it to install
onto a bare-metal server or you can install QuantaStor as a virtual
machine (VSA) using any major hypervisor platform.

Previous version:

QuantaStor Virtual Storage Appliance
(VSA) VMware Template

QuantaStor VSA is simply QuantaStor as a virtual machine
and is a great way to gain experience with the platform. VSAs
are also ideal for multi-tenant MSP and cloud deployments
since the deployment of a new SAN/NAS appliances can be
fully automated.

QS Command Line Interface (CLI) Utility
Enables remote storage management of QuantaStor systems
via CLI and scripts.

QuantaStor™ Remote Management CLI

QuantaStor Cloud Integration SDK
The QuantaStor™ Cloud Integration SDK enables direct integration
with QuantaStor storage systems for automated provisioning,
storage cloud management, auditing, and other management
tasks via RESTful APIs. For more information click here.

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