High Availability

Ensure business continuity with QuantaStor’s High Availability technology.

High Availability Key Features

Simplified Maintenance

High Availability technology enables one to do hardware and low level software upgrades and maintenance activities with zero downtime.

Data Replication Aware

Remote Replication schedules make it easy to replicate file and block storage from any Storage Pool to any Storage Pool within a given QuantaStor Storage Grid. Pools can be dynamically moved between systems using HA failover and the data replication system responds automatically.

Automatic Failover

QuantaStor's scale-up clusters have HA failover technology that is among the fastest in the industry. This is made possible by the highly parallelized HA failover system and IO fencing that ensures quick failover of ZFS-based Storage Pools.

QuantaStor scale-out clusters are implicitly highly-available at a file-system level but also employ floating virtual IP addresses to ensure continuous availability of storage to NFS/SMB/iSCSI clients. FC ALUA is used to provide continuous availability to FC hosts.