Scale-out NAS Storage


Form a single namespace by aggregating storage from multiple storage appliances.

Scale-out NAS configurations simplify scaling capacity and performance through the use of erasure coding technology. Scale-up NAS configurations also support grouping shares into global namespaces through SMB/NFS redirection technologies.

Scale-out NAS Key Features

Smart Layout, Smart Provisioning

Scale-out NAS configurations leverage CephFS technology to produce a POSIX compliant filesystem that spans three or more QuantaStor servers.

Simplified Management

QuantaStor grid management technology enables companies to start small and grow to hyperscale with ease. Appliances within a grid can be comprised of a heterogeneous mix of hardware from different vendors and may include multiple independent scale-out NAS clusters.

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Highly-available NFS/SMB

Traditional file protocols like NFS and SMB are point-to-point between each client and a specific NAS appliance IP address. In order to ensure that these clients are able to continue accessing the scale-out NAS storage in the event of a hardware outage, the IP address must be virtual and must float to another NAS cluster member automatically. QuantaStor allows an IT administrator to associate a Virtual IP address to any scale-out NAS volume. This can also be used to load-balance traffic by directing specific clients to specific virtual IPs.