Solution Design Tools

QuantaStor supports file, block, and object storage in a unified platform which scales-out across sites with QuantaStor’s unique storage grid technology. Within a storage grid, one may deploy up to 32 storage clusters which can be either SAN/NAS or scale-out object storage. The following design tools help customers, partners, and system architects build optimal hardware configurations for these two different cluster types.

SAN/NAS Storage Solution Designer

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 1.58.07 PM.png

QuantaStor’s SAN/NAS configurations are designed around a 2-server cluster pair of QuantaStor servers with one or more attached disk chassis with SAS storage media. Each cluster pair will typically serve one or two storage pools, each of which provide highly-available unified file and block storage.


Object Storage Solution Designer

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QuantaStor scale-out block and object storage clusters provide S3 compatible storage as well as iSCSI, FC, and direct Ceph RBD storage protocol support. These configurations follow a shared nothing model with enterprise SATA and NVMe storage media placed within the server itself. External disk chassis may be used to add capacity but it is often better to add servers to expand so that capacity and bandwidth increases linearly.