Solution Design Tools

QuantaStor supports file, block, and object storage in a unified platform which scales-out across sites with QuantaStor’s Storage Grid technology. Within each Storage Grid one may deploy up to 64x systems which which can be grouped into any number of scale-up or scale-out storage clusters. Hardware designs for QuantaStor scale-up clusters are different than the scale-out clusters so we provide specific tools to help customers, partners, and system architects design optimal QuantaStor storage solutions for these two cluster types. Scale-up clusters typically provide greater performance with less hardware and are generally the best solution to meet SAN/NAS requirements. Scale-out clusters provide greater storage media flexibility and protocol support.

SAN/NAS Storage Solution Designer

QuantaStor’s SAN/NAS storage grid configurations grow in increments of two servers at a time (a cluster) with one or more external disk chassis direct connected to the cluster pair. QuantaStor SAN/NAS clusters typically serve one or two storage pools. Each scale-up cluster can manage upwards of 6PB of storage using multiple high-density disk expansion chassis. QuantaStor’s Storage Grid technology combines these clusters and provides global namespace technology to enable scalability to over 100PB per grid.

Scale-out File, Block, and Object Storage Solution Designer

QuantaStor scale-out clusters provide file (NFS/SMB), block (iSCSI/FC/RBD) and S3 compatible object storage using underlying Ceph technology. Clusters may be configured with Storage Pools to deliver all three types of storage at the same time and each Storage Grid can scale to manage up to 10x scale clusters. Scale-out clusters provide the greatest flexibility when it comes to media types with support for all types of enterprise grade SATA, SAS, and NVMe devices. These configurations follow a shared nothing model with the storage media installed in the servers. This enables capacity and performance to scale by adding additional servers to a given scale-out cluster with zero downtime.