Media and Entertainment

QuantaStor reduces costs and storage management complexity.

Integrating both scale-out NAS capabilities and scale-out Object storage, QuantaStor is ideal for Digital Asset Management, high-speed editing, transcoding and rendering as well as content streaming and distribution. QuantaStor's Network Attached Storage (NAS) capabilities use CIFS/SMB and NFS for both scale-out and scale-up deployments.

QuantaStor for Media & Entertainment Key Features

Global Namespaces

Global Namespaces simplify NAS storage management and increase end-user productivity by combining shares into easy-to-access groups that are accessible across a storage grid of appliances. Ideal for media post-production, Global Namespaces allow IT managers to distribute files in a way that achieves the best performance and capacity utilization per system.

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Grid Technology

QuantaStor’s grid management technology enables companies to start small and grow to over 100PB per Storage Grid to meet the diverse workflow needs of media and entertainment organizations.

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Erasure Coding

Scale-out storage clusters within a QuantaStor grid use erasure-coding technology to provide high-availability and fault-tolerance across QuantaStor servers.

100-year Archive

QuantaStor can help organizations meet their 100-year Archive goals through powerful snapshotting technology, bitrot protection, parallel streaming backup and archive capabilities as well as a diverse set of data security and encryption options.