QuantaStor SDS is a storage appliance platform that installs on commodity bare-metal hardware or as a virtual appliance. QuantaStor licenses are packaged in Migration, Enterprise and Cloud Editions. All licenses include a complete set of multi-protocol capabilities, while a number of advanced features are available only on the Enterprise and Cloud Edition licenses. All QuantaStor SDS licenses are subscription based and come with Support, Upgrades and Maintenance Packs for the subscription licensed period. 

QuantaStor platform licenses are offered for Subscription terms of one year, three years, and five years. Subscription licenses include full support, maintenance, upgrades and transferability to new hardware. Subscriptions that are three or more years in length come with non-expiring license keys to the license holder. QuantaStor SDS licenses are priced according to the raw storage capacity of each storage appliance. 

QuantaStor High Availability (HA) licenses are an add-on module for our file-based scale-up solution, using two QuantaStor SDS head nodes connected to a shared JBOD. This unique solution requires the purchase of one QuantaStor platform license sized to the underlying storage pool plus the HA add-on module license.  

Request a quote here or download the OSNEXUS software licensing guide for more information.