Law Enforcement

Secure sensitive data and move it when necessary with QuantaStor Data Migration Edition.

With QuantaStor Migration Edition, a secure petabyte-scale mobile data appliance, law enforcement organizations can now transfer large amounts of data, without high network data transport costs, long data transfer times, and security. Transferring forensic data with QuantaStor Migration Edition is easy, secure, and cost effective.

QuantaStor for Law Enforcement Key Features

High Availability

QuantaStor’s grid technology enables users to deploy a highly efficient business continuity solution for remote backup and disaster recovery (DR) either locally, across global datacenters, or in the cloud. QuantaStor utilizes snapshots and remote replication protocols to create a complete copy of the selected storage volumes and network shares from the primary to secondary DR site. Key features include remote and multi-directional replication, file protection with snapshots, and single console multi-site management.

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Security and Encryption

To counter cyber threats and ensure compliance, QuantaStor includes end-to-end security coverage enabling multi-layer data protection “on the wire” and “at rest” for enterprise and cloud storage deployments. Combining protocol-level encryption with SMB, IPsec and HTTPS across any storage grid, hardware and software disk drive encryption with Intel AES-NI technology and advanced user security featuring role-based access controls, QuantaStor end-to-end security is ideal for any law enforcement use case.

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