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QuantaStor 5 enables new levels of storage scalability with its unique hyperscale grid technology.

Software Defined Storage

Deliver scale-out file, block and object storage using the latest in enterprise open storage technologies.
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Storage Grid Technology

Manage all appliances as a unified storage grid by linking appliances together within and across datacenters.
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File, Block and Object

Scale-out file, block and object storage in one platform.
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Software-Defined Storage Grid Technology Explained

QuantaStor Software-Defined Storage was developed with an advanced storage grid technology enabling storage appliances to be combined across sites and managed as a single unit. This greatly simplifies all aspects of storage management including security enforcement, provisioning, automation, and DR policies. Rather than having to manage storage systems one by one, the grid technology makes it easy to manage huge multi-site storage environments with a heterogeneous mix of hardware.

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