Western Digital + QuantaStor Solution Design Tools

QuantaStor 5 enables IT organizations to reach new levels of IT agility with its unified file, block, and object storage protocol support and its unique hybrid-cloud storage grid technology. Designed, integrated, and certified for use with all Western Digital disk expansion units including the Ultrastar Data102, Ultrastar Data60, FSP 2U24, and the Ultrastar Serv storage server line-up including the Ultrastar Serv24HA, QuantaStor solutions cover a broad spectrum of storage requirements and use cases. The following design tools help customers, partners, and system architects build optimal hardware configurations for these two different cluster types.

Western Digital + QuantaStor SAN/NAS Storage Solution Designer

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QuantaStor’s SAN/NAS configurations are designed around a 2-server cluster pair of servers with one or more attached Western Digital external SAS storage expansion chassis. For maximum throughput, cluster pairs are typically configured in a highly-available active/active configuration with two storage pools. Pools deliver iSCSI, FC, NFS, and SMB storage simultaneously.


Western Digital + QuantaStor Object Storage Solution Designer

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QuantaStor 5 scale-out storage clusters provide file, block and S3 compatible object storage in a shared nothing storage design which uses erasure-coding and replica based data distribution technology to achieve high-availability and fault-tolerance. These solutions provide iSCSI, FC, and Ceph RBD block protocol support as well as S3 and SWIFT object storage. Western Digital Serv60+8 and Serv24 storage servers provide an ideal hardware platform for these scale-out storage solutions.