QuantaStor SDS was designed uniquely with advanced grid scale-out management technology to enable the deployment of up to 64 appliances that can be managed from any location as a single unit. OSNEXUS has engineered out the complexity that historically has burdened storage administrators of traditional storage solutions. Much of this increased management efficiency and ease of use becomes apparent
the moment you begin using QuantaStor's web management interface.

Scale Storage up to 64 Nodes

With QuantaStor's grid technology, IT administrators can link together a mix of local and remote appliances into a grid to manage the combined pool(s) of storage from any single node in the system. QuantaStor grids scale up to 64 nodes easily handling Big Data sets and facilitating advanced features such as Remote Replication / Disaster Recovery, Gluster Scale-out NAS and Ceph technology.

Why Grids Matter

Big-data analytics and High-Performance Computing workloads are all about scaling compute and storage without physical limits. At scale, the cost of managing traditional SANs increases linearly as the deployment expands thereby doubling or tripling the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on the deployment. The key to solving this challenge is grid technology that enables IT staff to manage the entirety of the environment as a unit, so that operations like provisioning and access control are as easy to manage at 1PB as it is at 32PB. IT administrators can link together both local and remote appliances into one unified grid to manage combined pool(s) of storage from any single node in the system up to 64 nodes with a capacity of 64PB.

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