For computationally intensive applications such as rich media, 3D and weather modeling, seismic data processing or large-scale simulations, the QuantaStor SDS platform provides High-performance Computing (HPC) storage capabilities to scale up and out with its grid architecture for increased I/O and capacity requirements. Leveraging open source file systems and protocols including NFS, CIFS, SMB, iSCSI and ZFS, QuantaStor allows fast access to large file, block and object storage across multiple nodes for
fast and efficient pure performance, dedicated computational scratch or multi-petabyte result set storage applications.

Highly Available Scale-out HPC Storage

As High Performance Computing becomes critical for companies who need to get the most value out of their information assets, QuantaStor’s HPC Storage Solution works alongside compute systems to meet both high performance and high availability storage requirements for applications including computational
fluid dynamics, Monte Carlo simulations, CFD, CAE, Seismic Data Processing, optical design and simulations.

QuantaStor plays an important role in HPC deployments by providing IT architects with the latest in storage software and hardware compatibility so that the HPC solution can be designed specifically to meet any extreme workload need. For applications that require a single, massive namespace, QuantaStor's grid management technology delivers up to 64PB of storage in a single scale-out file system accessible via major protocols. Scale-out solutions can be made highly available when storage is provisioned using erasure-coding or replica based storage layouts ensuring that the storage remains fully available to applications even when an appliance node is taken offline for maintenance or upgrades.