Modern forensic investigation units collect and process large amounts of data from body-worn cameras, crime scene photography and video, CCTV, facial recognition systems, smart phones, satellite data, license plate recognition and social media for each criminal justice system case file. With data ingest rates increasing from 1TB to a projected 3TB+ per day per crime scene unit, a reliable, secure storage solution is required to store and transport case file information to an encrypted, fault-tolerant, highly available, centralized data storage facility that can easily scale to 10s or 100s of petabytes (1000 TBs). 

Given the high cost of transmitting large amounts of data over high-speed internet, police departments often also require options for both physical data transfer of case files via mobile storage appliances as well as online transfer options for securely transferring data from police forensic office locations to offsite data retention facilities. With QuantaStor SDS Migration Edition, a secure petabyte-scale mobile data appliance, law enforcement organizations can now transfer large amounts of data, without high network data transport costs, long data transfer times, and security. Transferring forensic data with QuantaStor SDS Migration Edition is easy, secure, and cost effective.

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