OSNEXUS Announces Capacity-as-a-Service for Software Defined Storage

by Lauren House

BELLEVUE, Wash., Feb. 16, 2017 -- OSNEXUS, the leading developer of Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions, today announced a new Capacity-as-a-Service (CaaS) license for SDS enabling enterprises to dynamically manage and provision their storage license capacities online through a new QuantaStor Cloud License Service portal.

The CaaS license combines the power of QuantaStor's high-performance software defined storage platform with the OSNEXUS Cloud License Service (CLS) to help automate, install and provision software defined storage for Cloud Service Providers, higher-education, and enterprise customers.

"One of the big challenges facing enterprise and higher-education customers with large storage environments is business agility and the need to not only forecast storage demand but also cost effectively scale their storage assets," said Steven Umbehocker, CEO of OSNEXUS. "Our new Capacity-as-a-Service offering solves these agility issues by letting customers dynamically retire and redeploy licensed storage capacity at will."

QuantaStor SDS Capacity-as-a-Service Highlights:

Online Licensing – QuantaStor SDS license keys can now be dynamically provisioned and retired for self-service management of license capacities, enabling easy expansion, contraction, and deployment of new appliances on demand.

Internal Capacity Provisioning and Billing - Partners and customers using the Cloud License Service (CLS) are billed at standard subscription rates plus a fee for the CLS portal simplifying internal chargeback accounting and automation activities.

License Quotas - CLS instances are pre-configured with quota(s) indicating the purchased subscription license key capacity. The available capacity can be divided up to meet the storage capacity needs of few or many appliances of any size with a minimum license key size of 32TB per appliance. Previously deployed QuantaStor SDS appliances can be retired at any time and returns its capacity so it can be redeployed elsewhere as a new key or to expand an existing deployment.