IBM Cloud QuantaStor Storage Solutions

OSNEXUS QuantaStor is available on all IBM mass storage servers (servers with 12-36 or more drive bays) at all IBM Cloud datacenters worldwide through IBM server provisioning portal.

QuantaStor enables IT organizations to reach new levels of agility within the IBM Cloud with its unified file, block, and object storage and storage grid technology. Grid technology unifies QuantaStor storage server management across IBM data centers and simplify security enforcement and multi-server configuration tasks like setting up remote-replication.

Designed, integrated and certified for use with all IBM mass storage servers, QuantaStor solutions cover a broad spectrum of storage requirements and use cases including storage for server virtualization, Veeam backups, analytics, and large scale backup & archive.

The following design tools help customers, partners, and system architects build optimal hardware configurations for the two primary QuantaStor configuration types. To access the design tools, just press the green buttons.

Design your IBM Cloud QuantaStor SAN/NAS Storage Servers

QuantaStor’s SAN/NAS servers provided block (iSCSI) and file (NFS/SMB) storage for a variety of use cases. Hybrid configurations use a combination of HDDs and SSDs to provide fast, reliable, cost efficient storage for a variety of use cases including server virtualization, data analytics, backup storage, databases/OLTP, and more. SAN/NAS server configurations scale from 4TB to 360TB of raw storage and utilize ZFS based software RAID with bit-rot detection and protection to ensure data integrity. Click the button below to launch the web based solution design tool for SAN/NAS servers. 

Design your IBM Cloud QuantaStor Scale-out Storage Clusters

QuantaStor 5 scale-out storage clusters provide file, block and S3 compatible object storage which uses erasure-coding and replica based data distribution technology to achieve high-availability and fault-tolerance. These solutions provide highly-available iSCSI block and S3 object storage which scales-out across sites and servers. Each server scales to 360TB and each cluster scales-out to over 8PB using standard 36 bay IBM Cloud servers and 12TB drives. Click the button below to launch the web based solution design tool for scale-out clusters.