v5.3.1.085 (June 18th 2019)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v5.3.1.

Release Notes

Disk Management

  • Added support for Disk temperatures and SMART health state for NVMe devices. This is reported at the Physical Disk object layer. [ QSTOR-5576 ]

  • Removed a disk scan step that had been required during ZFS Pool import for older SSD disk firmware on the HGST Serv24HA platform. [ QSTOR-5720 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Added isBlinking property for status indication for the HGST Serv24-HA disks Beacon LED. [ QSTOR-5975 ]

  • Fixed an issue with Hardware Enclosure and Controller service support for the HGST Serv24-HA. [ QSTOR-5964 ]

  • Updated the Disk Identify Manager API calls for Hardware Disk, Physical Disk Identify and Storage Pool Device object types. [ QSTOR-5761 ]

NAS Gateway / Cloud Containers

  • Added support for Wasabi S3 endpoints [ QSTOR-5960 ]

Network Shares

  • Fixed: Renaming a Network Share will now immediately reflect the new share name in the Network Share Objects exports path. Previously the change would not occur immediately, requiring a Storage Pool discovery cycle to update the UI. [ QSTOR-5930 ]

Quantastor CLI

  • Changed the qs cli to output error messages to stderr and report an error code on failure messages. [ QSTOR-5885 ]

  • Fixed the help text for the `qs spd-get` command. [ QSTOR-5791 ]

Remote Replication and Snapshots

  • Update the average data transfer on a replication report while the job is still running. [ QSTOR-5978 ]

  • Replication schedules are now able to start faster after a system reboot or service restart. [ QSTOR-5978 ]

Service Core

  • Added logfile management and rotation for advanced QuantaStor service diagnostic logs. [ QSTOR-5721 ]

  • Fixed: async rest and qs cli command calls that start a task now have the task object immediately available on all grid nodes for further query and task lifecycle tracking. [ QSTOR-5779 ]

  • Moved QuantaStor Management and associated service logs to /var/log/qs/ subdirectory. [ QSTOR-5934 ]


  • Updated SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-5990 ]

Storage Pool Management

  • Fixed: RAID10 is now the default raid type selected in the Create Storage Pool dialog when there are 4 or more disks available for creating a storage pool [ QSTOR-5989 ]

  • Fixed: Storage Pool import on backing iSCSI LUNs consumed by QuantaStor that had prior SCSI-3 PR will now preempt and re-register the key to correct iSID session changes. [ QSTOR-5778 ]

  • Fixed: using the force flag for the Storage Pool Create will ensure a full quick Disk format and partition cleanup occurs similar to formatting a physical disk in the Physical Disk section. [ QSTOR-5983 ]

Upgrade Manager and Installer

  • Added more detailed logging status for the Upgrade Manager. [ QSTOR-5924 ]

  • Fixed a few corner case items with the qs-upgrade script that required manual corrections.

  • Added logic to the qs-upgrade and qs-distupgrade scripts to ensure the ceph user and group exists when upgrading from the Ceph Jewel release.

  • Added logic to the qs-upgrade script to ensure dpkg is version 1.17.5ubuntu5.8 or later when on the Trusty platform" [ QSTOR-5977 ]

Web Manager

  • Added a spinning indicator to the Upgrade Manager dialog for when it is first launched and is in process of discovering the latest package versions. [ QSTOR-5880 ]

  • Added a spinning indicator to the Import Cloud Container dialog for when you click the search button to locate existing buckets. [ QSTOR-5880 ]

  • Added Server Layout image customization to the Modify Storage System Dialog. This can be viewed in the Storage System>System Information tab. [ QSTOR-5796 ]

v4.7.3.004 (June 18th 2019)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.7.3.

Release Notes

Upgrade Manager and Installer

  • Fixed a few corner case items with the qs-upgrade script that required manual corrections.

  • Added logic to the qs-upgrade and qs-distupgrade scripts to ensure the ceph user and group exists when upgrading from the Ceph Jewel release.

  • Added logic to the qs-upgrade script to ensure dpkg is version 1.17.5ubuntu5.8 or later when on the Trusty platform

v5.3.0.074 (May 29th 2019)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v5.3.0.

Release Notes

Ceph Scale-out Block and Object

  • Added obfuscation for Ceph user S3/Swift Access keys in the WebUI. You can now click on the fields to reveal the access keys and enable copying the data. [ QSTOR-5910 ]

  • Fixed an issue with OSD Identify for Chassis Enclosure services. [ QSTOR-5394 ]

  • Fixed an issue that would allow users to accidentally delete the default Ceph Crush Rules and Ceph Pool Profiles. [ QSTOR-5510 ]

  • Fixed an issue with error messages pertaining to invalid names from the ceph pool profile enum task. [ QSTOR-5916 ]

  • Fixed an issue with iptables rules for radosgw. When enabling S3/Swift access on a network port, both port 80 and port 443 are forwarded to the HTTP Rados Gateway port. [ QSTOR-5841 ]

  • Fixed an issue with Modifying a Ceph users Secret/Access Keys. [ QSTOR-5837 ]

  • Fixed: Ceph now always has a default pool profile allowing Pool creation. [ QSTOR-5850 ]

  • Increased response time to change the Ceph Crush Rule on an existing Ceph Pool [ QSTOR-5513 ]

  • Replaced qs CLI option 'ceph-crush-rule-create' with 'ceph-crush-rule-create-erasure' and 'ceph-crush-rule-create-replicated' as the required arguments and options required two sets of commands. [ QSTOR-5803 ]

  • Fixed an issue where some OSDs were not being created. [ QSTOR-5499 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the Dialog options resetting in the Create WAL device dialog after adjusting the number of partitions slider. [ QSTOR-5806 ]

  • Adjusted the layout and flow of the Ceph ribbon bar in the web UI. [ QSTOR-5914 ]

Dashboards and Analytics

  • Added various checks and warnings for the config analyzer in the web UI. [ QSTOR-3990 ]

  • Fixed: Storage Volumes and Storage Pools now both show their Latency Graphs in Milliseconds. [ QSTOR-5851 ]

  • Added ZFS (ARC) Cache statistics graphing for Storage Systems. [ QSTOR-3540 ]

  • Added Average trend lines to I/OPs, Bytes and Latency Graphs. [ QSTOR-5873 ]

Disk Management

  • Fixed an issue where NVME devices without a scsi ID could be correlated as used by a Storage Pool created on a NVME device without a scsi ID. [ QSTOR-5937 ]

  • Added filtering to prevent scanning zvol's or rbd's for LVM information. [ QSTOR-5881 ]

  • Fixed an issue with formatting disks that had previously been used for Ceph Bluestore OSD's without the OSD remove process being run on the drive. [ QSTOR-5751 ]

  • Fixed: Disk Formatting tasks that fail due to an I/O error will now report the disk format as failed. [ QSTOR-5626 ]

  • Added detection of Disks with Shingled Magnetic Recording that are not zoned for writing. These drives will properly indicate this state in the CLI and WebUI. [ QSTOR-5894 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Added Disk identify support for HGST Serv24 NVMe. [ QSTOR-5743 ]

  • Added vendor property to the Hardware Controller Disks model. [ QSTOR-5797 ]

  • Fixed an issue with detecting MegaRAID CacheCade RAID units. [ QSTOR-5833 ]

  • Fixed: RAID0 Passthrough disks created on Raid controllers are now set to write-thru mode by default. [ QSTOR-5866 ]

High Availability Failover

  • Added a warning state and state detail indicating a reboot is required to Storage Systems if a HA storage pool failed to export during a failover. [ QSTOR-4241 ]

  • Added a periodic alert for Storage Systems with the 'requiresReboot' flag set that will trigger once a day to recommend the storage system be rebooted. [ QSTOR-4241 ]

  • Fixed an issue with a internal tool used by customer support. [ QSTOR-5625 ]

  • Fixed: the zfs pool export logic has been updated to make failure scenarios easier to diagnose and correctly trigger failure events and alerts. [ QSTOR-705 ]

  • Fixed an issue with iofencing to ensure we can always re-register for backing disk devices that were already registered due to a changed iSCSI initiator handle (from rebooting the QuantaStor node or disconnecting/reconnecting the software iSCSI adapter). [ QSTOR-5780 ]

NAS Gateway / Cloud Containers

  • Added the "Add Credentials' options to the Cloud Container Lefthand tree view and Central Cloud Container grid right click context menus. [ QSTOR-5805 ]

  • Added support for creating custom Ceph object storage endpoints for the NAS Gateway/Cloud Container through the Quantastor UI. [ QSTOR-5876 ]

  • Fix UI issue in reporting failure during scan buckets and reset bucket list for cloud provider change. [ QSTOR-5522 ]

  • Updated rclone to 1.47.0 [ QSTOR-5893 ]

Network Shares

  • Added logic that persists File Access Control List options through pool export and re-imports. [ QSTOR-5567 ]

Quantastor CLI

  • Fixed an issue with running the qs-version command as a non-root user to check the current QuantaStor service version. [ QSTOR-5790 ]

  • Fixed some error codes for the 'qs' CLI [ QSTOR-5826 ]

Remote Replication and Snapshots

  • Fixed: Added logic to automatically cleanup Remote Replication metadata for replicated Network Shares. [ QSTOR-5863 ]

  • Fixed an issue with rolling back to a previous snapshot of a volume. [ QSTOR-4856 ]

SCSI Target

  • Fixed an issue with the SCST copy manager target lun missing for _chkpnt or rbd volumes. This prevented client access for some clients when the lun was mapped out. [ QSTOR-5816 ]

  • Fixed an issue with removing iSCSI/FC LUN access assignments on Storage Volume Replica checkpoints that could lead to a kernel panic. [ QSTOR-5813 ]


  • Fixed an issue with custom self-signed ssl certificates generated by the qs-sslcert command. [ QSTOR-5875 ]

  • Fixed an issue with reverting to the default certificates if the user had previously deployed custom self-signed certificates using the qs-sslcert scripts. [ QSTOR-5875 ]

  • Enhance security against cross-site scripting attacks. [ QSTOR-5935 ]

  • Fixed an issue with potential user enumeration. [ QSTOR-5872 ]

  • Fixed an issue with password field access for authenticated users. [ QSTOR-5872 ]

  • Updated additional password Fields in the UI to be obfuscated by default. [ QSTOR-5838 ]

Server Integration

  • Fixed an issue with ipmi messaging in the quantastor service log on Virtual machines that do not support ipmi. [ QSTOR-5927 ]

  • Fixed the ipmi hardware support to not run on Virtual Machine Platforms that do not have access to IPMI hardware. [ QSTOR-5925 ]

  • Added IPMI IP, subnet, gateway and Mac Address to storage system properties for systems with IPMI/iLo onboard. [ QSTOR-5908 ]

  • Added IPMI sensor support for Cisco C240 M5 for PSU, Fan and CPU temperature and System temperature. [ QSTOR-5904 ]

  • Added /opt/osnexus/quantastor/conf/qs_ipmi.conf configuration file for adding custom ipmi sensor names for PSU state, Fans and Temperatures of PCH, CPU and System. [ QSTOR-5493 ]

  • Added alerting on IPMI/iLO sensors for PSU redundancy status change. [ QSTOR-5007 ]

Service Core

  • Fixed an issue where 10gb interfaces would sometimes report link speed as 1gb even though they were running at 10gb. [ QSTOR-5269 ]

  • Unified the reporting of Temperatures to be Celsius and in the default display format of 'NN C ( NN.N F)' [ QSTOR-5793 ]

  • Added 'requiresReboot' flag to Storage System objects for indicating if a reboot is required for the storage system. [ QSTOR-5855 ]

  • Added ability to send support logs without a license key. [ QSTOR-3979 ]

  • Consolidated default configuration files under the /opt/osnexus/quantastor/conf directory. [ QSTOR-5800 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the telegraf configuration if there is no Ceph configuration deployed on QuantaStor. [ QSTOR-5868 ]


  • Updated SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-5884 ]

Storage Pool Management

  • Fixed the ZFS Event Daemon zedlets to use the correct path for ZFS 0.7 and newer. [ QSTOR-5929 ]

  • Fixed the ZFS Storage Pool resilver alerting to report the resilver is in progress along with the resilver percentage. [ QSTOR-5886 ]

  • Fixed an issue with Enclosure Redundancy mapping for ZFS vdev's. [ QSTOR-5887 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the reported used space on Storage Pools in the Grid Dashboard view. [ QSTOR-5694 ]

  • Fixed: reduced the time for the spare disk marker to be cleared from a drive that is added to a storage pool to replace a failed disk. [ QSTOR-5498 ]

  • Fixed: updated the zpool raw size(before redundancy and metadata allocation) to be more accurate. [ QSTOR-5867 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the Pool RAIDType when multiple ZFS SLOG mirrors are present on a storage pool. This would previously cause issues with storage pool grow operations. [ QSTOR-5858 ]

Storage Volumes

  • Fixed: The Storage Volume Create Dialog will now correctly create GigaByte/TeraByte/PetaByte sized Volumes (base10 multiple of 1000) if the size is specified with 'GB','TB','PB'. Specifying just the letter e.g. 'G' or providing 'GiB' will create a Gibibyte volume (base2 multiple of 1024) as before. Using the Slider will continue to create Volumes in Mebibyte/Gibibyte sizes. [ QSTOR-5860 ]

  • Adjust size conversions when specifying the size property of a storage volume from the CLI. This adds support for creating volumes via the CLI in GigaByte/TeraByte/PetaByte sizes (base10 x1000) if specified in 'GB','TB',PB' shorthand. QuantaStor will continue todefault creating volumes in (base2 x1024) standard if the user specifies only the first letter or full shorthand. e.g. ('G' or 'GiB/GIB'). [ QSTOR-5864 ]

Web Manager

  • Fixed an issue where Snapshots for Network Shares would appear in the central grid 'Network Shares' tab. [ QSTOR-5938 ]

  • Fixed an issue where some dialog box text fields allowed editing of informational text. [ QSTOR-5902 ]

Upgrade Manager and Installer

  • Enhanced the Upgrade Manager Dialog to allow upgrading specific multiple nodes all at the same time. note: this only works for 5.3 or newer releases. Releases older than 5.3 will need to be upgraded from the CLI via qs-upgrade. [ QSTOR-3976 ]

  • The WebUI now installs full platform Security and Stability updates alongside the core QuantaStor package updates. [ QSTOR-3976 ]

  • Updated qs-upgrade script to unify WebUI and CLI upgrade options. [ QSTOR-3976 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the upgrade repositories that could indicate a package downgrade is required for some dependencies. [ QSTOR-5956 ]

v5.2.1.002 (May 1st 2019)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v5.2.1.

Release Notes

Upgrade Repository and Installer

  • Fixed an issue with the rclone package naming for correct repository availability.

  • Fixed an issue with the updated installer kernel drivers loading when a Trusted Platform Module is present in the system.

Core Service

  • Fixed an issue with string conversion of Petabyte sizes with new ZFS userspace utilities.

v5.2.0.088 (April 4th 2019)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v5.2.0.

Release Notes

Base Platform Upgrade Available

  • Enabled Platform upgrades from Trusty to Xenial. To upgrade the platform run 'qs-distupgrade' after upgrading fully to v4.7.2. This will bring your system to the very latest QuantaStor 5.x version and supported linux kernel on the Xenial Platform. Please contact support@osnexus.com for any questions or upgrade assistance.

Alert Manager

  • Added support for Mattermost for call-home alerts [ QSTOR-5711 ]


  • Added Ceph Pool Dashboard that shows I/O statistics for Throughput and I/Ops. [ QSTOR-4497 ]

  • Added support for Object Storage Tenant accounts in Ceph User creation. [ QSTOR-5660 ]

  • Added the ability to create Ceph Crush Rules via the WebUI for replicated pool types. [ QSTOR-5471 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the OSD device type validation when creating a Ceph Crush map rule. [ QSTOR-5718 ]

  • Fixed you can now add a custom Description when creating Ceph Crush Rules. [ QSTOR-5770 ]

  • Fixed an issue where the 'ceph osd dump' calls were not returning a complete payload [ QSTOR-5703 ]

  • Fixed an issue where the Cluster Monitor and Cluster Member grids were reported differing Monitor Status. [ QSTOR-5677 ]

  • Fixed an issue with ceph OSD discovery with bad or offline OSDs. [ QSTOR-5343 ]

  • Fixed an issue with ceph rados gateway not starting up correctly [ QSTOR-5004 ]

  • Fixed an issue with OSD clean up after a ceph cluster delete operation. [ QSTOR-5781 ]

  • Refactored Ceph Pool Modify to accept Crush Rule Name or Id as input. [ QSTOR-5474 ]

  • Fixed some spacing issues and enable properties view of the Ceph Pool Profile object. [ QSTOR-5783 ]

Cloud Containers

  • Fixed an issue where ZFS Volumes were filtered out of the Cloud Backup policy dialog. [ QSTOR-5749 ]

  • Fixed an issue with selecting the 'Assign to Group' checkbox in the Modify Cloud Backup Schedule dialog without selecting a group from the drop down menu. [ QSTOR-5220 ]

Disk Management

  • Added Drive Temperature property and Grid display column to the Physical Disks in the Web Interface for NVMe and SMART health reporting disks. [ QSTOR-5764 ]

  • Fixed an issue with Physical Disk discovery for Legacy DGC SAN LUN's that do not correctly issue T10 style device serial identifiers [ QSTOR-5686 ]

  • Increased Hard Disk temperature warning threshold to 56 degrees celsius. [ QSTOR-5596 ]

  • Fixed an issue with marking a Physical disk as a Global spare disk on a remote storage system in the grid that has a different Hard disk controller type. [ QSTOR-5774 ]


  • Fixed an issue with the quantastor service crashing after creating subshares on a gluster volume [ QSTOR-5221 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Fixed Enclosure slot mapping for the S2122-N24-4 NVMe server chassis to map the PCI-E paths correctly for each slot and to leave gaps if a slot is empty. [ QSTOR-5775 ]

  • Fixed: the 'Mark disk as Good' right click menu option in the Hardware Enclosures and Controllers section is now correctly context sensitive to RAID controllers that support that disk state and action. [ QSTOR-5053 ]

High Availability

  • Fixed an issue with the isVirtualInterface flag being set properly on Site Cluster Virtual Interfaces (VIFs). [ QSTOR-5622 ]

Storage Pools

  • Added automatic metadata import for Network Share objects when importing a previously manually exported storage pool. [ QSTOR-5564 ]

  • Fixed an issue related to updating iofencing when importing QuantaStor ZFS Storage pools on iSCSI backend storage after a reboot. [ QSTOR-5769 ]

  • Fixed an issue where local disk devices were not being filtered out for grow and spare add operations on High Availability failover Storage Pools. [ QSTOR-4576 ]

  • Fixed an issue with ensuring VDEV redundancy across multiple JBODs when creating encrypted storage pools. [ QSTOR-4830 ]

  • Fixed an issue with ZFS Storage ool Import. This corrects a regression introduced in 5.1.0. [ QSTOR-5727 ]

  • Fixed an issue with updating the zpool resilver percent completion value. [ QSTOR-5548 ]

  • Fixed: removing multiple cache devices from an encrypted pool correctly closes and removes encryption from each device. [ QSTOR-2415 ]

  • Fixed an issue where the spare device count for pools was not being updated properly [ QSTOR-5058 ]

  • Fixed an issue with removing read cache devices from zfs pools. [ QSTOR-5124 ]

Installer ISO

  • Updated ISO creation to allow writing iso as a dd image for uefi on Linux and Mac Clients [ QSTOR-5705 ]

  • Updated TPM installer option to use Ubuntu Xenial standard secure boot support. [ QSTOR-5728 ]

iSCSI Software Adapter

  • Refactor how missing iSCSI targets are handled and auto retry login. [ QSTOR-5041 ]


  • Added PCK7 Signatures to all Linux Kernel drivers built and packaged by OSNEXUS required for secure boot support. [ QSTOR-5603 ]

  • Updated drivers [ QSTOR-5554 ]

i40e: 2.7.29 ixgbe: 5.5.5 igb: e1000e: ena: 2.0.2g megaraid_sas: 07.708.03.00 mpt3sas: aacraid: bxt_en: 1.9.1- mlx: 4.5-1.0.1 hpsa: 3.4.20-125 sfc: arcmsr: v1.40.0X.09-20180709 scst: 3.4.0 smartpqi: 1.2.4-065 zfs: 0.7.13

Localization I8N

  • Added support for South Korean localization. Append '?locale=ko' to the QuantaStor Web Manager URL to use. [ QSTOR-4326 ]

Multifactor Authentication

  • Fixed an issue where the passcode field would be disabled even though it was selected as a drop down option when logging in using Multi-factor Authentication. [ QSTOR-5642 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the Multi-factor Authentication timeout in the event the authentication verification server is not available. [ QSTOR-5211 ]

Network Shares

  • Enabled ports above 1024 for NFS access rules by default. [ QSTOR-5595 ]

  • Added 'Allow Full Port Range Access' to 'Modify NFS Client Access' dialog. [ QSTOR-5595 ]

Snapshots, Remote Replication and Backup policies

  • Added ability to retain hourly snapshots from replication schedules, snapshot schedules, and backup policies. [ QSTOR-5674 ]


  • Enabled Platform upgrades from Trusty to Xenial. To upgrade the platform run qs-distupgrade after upgrading fully to v4.7.2. This will bring your system to the very latest QuantaStor 5.x version and linux kernel on the Xenial Platform. Please contact support@osnexus.com for any questions or upgrade assistance. [ QSTOR-5565 ]

  • Fixed an issue with offline upgrades on xenial [ QSTOR-5262 ]

Web Manager

  • Fixed an issue where the Calendar widget in dialogs that could schedule dates, would not show month or allow editing in some browsers. [ QSTOR-5767 ]

  • Fixed several error dialog windows for proper context. [ QSTOR-5675 ]

  • Fixed: when no pools were created on a grid, the Dashboards Free capacity will now only be reported once. [ QSTOR-5740 ]

  • Fixed the width of the iSCSI Target login/logout dialog grid view to ensure all selected columns are visible when scrolling. [ QSTOR-5676 ]

  • Refactored the Storage Volume Create and Modify dialogs [ QSTOR-5502 ]


  • Updated SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-5645 ]

Core Service

  • Fixed an issue with Legacy ethX network naming where the interfaces after reboot would be incorrect and not start from 0 [ QSTOR-5707 ]

  • Fixed an issue with log spamming for FC adapter discovery. [ QSTOR-5550 ]

  • Fixed an issue with object ownership being updated after a grid master election. [ QSTOR-5652 ]

  • Fixed: QuantaStor will no longer create a second encrypted swap device if one already exists on the system. [ QSTOR-5629 ]

  • Fixed an issue where QS would try to continually re-discover network ports which are marked as 'missing'. [ QSTOR-5403 ]

  • Fixed an issue with influxDB queries failing [ QSTOR-5656 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the telegraf service not starting properly on xenial platform. [ QSTOR-4842 ]

v5.1.1.008 (March 7th 2019)

QuantaStor 5.1.1 was deprecated for the 5.1.2 release.

Release Notes


  • Updated Installer ISO [ QSTOR-5684 ]

Network Shares

  • Fixed an issue with customizing the Network Share record size. [ QSTOR-5641 ]


  • Fixed a management service crash related to multi-factor authentication. [ QSTOR-5640 ]

Storage Volume

  • Fixed an issue preventing the creation of passthru Storage Volumes from raw disk devices. [ QSTOR-5636 ]

Disk Devices

  • Fixed an issue with NVME device support. [ QSTOR-5646 ]

Core Service

  • Fixed: The Auto-restart logic for the QuantaStor Management service was updated for the Xenial platform. [ QSTOR-5628 ]

v5.1.0.160 (Feb 14th 2019)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v5.1.0.

Release Notes

  • Updated QuantaStor update repository to a new distribution namespace of 'quantastor-xenial' for future upgrades. [ QSTOR-5609 ]


  • Added a quick disk format to OSD creation to ensure a disk is clean of any prior partitioning and formatting before use. [ QSTOR-5341 ]

Storage pools

  • Added 'Storage System Optimization' dialog that includes additional tunable controls for ZFS Storage Pool performance settings. [ QSTOR-5583 ]

  • Added 'qs tunable-*' command sets that allow for CLI configuration of the settings available in the 'Storage System Optimization' dialog. for more information on the commands and their usage please see 'qs help=tunable' [ QSTOR-5543 ]

  • Adds more detail to the Storage Pool Delete warning pop-up to clarify for users what Storage Pool on which QuantaStor node is to be deleted when they click the 'Yes' to confirm the deletion. [ QSTOR-5623 ]

  • Fixed an issue on Virtual Machines where the wrong disk block size(ashift) was being specified during ZFS Pool creation. [ QSTOR-5570 ]

  • Added logic to select the highest matching block size (ashift) for a disk set during ZFS pool creation. [ QSTOR-5570 ]

  • Added checks for ZFS pool creation to ensure that physical disk blocksizes(ashift) up to 64k are supported. Disks with blocksizes larger than 64k are not supported with the ZFS filesystem pool type at this time and will generate an error during ZFS Storage Pool creation recommending the use of disks with a 64k or lower blocksize. [ QSTOR-5570 ]

  • Fixed an issue with creating encrypted pools with passphrase, this corrects a regression introduced in 5.0 [ QSTOR-5621 ]

  • Fixed an issue with encrypting ATA devices. This corrects an issue introduced in the 5.0 release. [ QSTOR-5575 ]

  • Fixed an issue with system boot after creating Encrypted Storage Pools [ QSTOR-5627 ]

  • Fixed: manually importing a Storage Pool now immediately performs iofencing of the disk devices during the import process. [ QSTOR-5540 ]

Storage Volumes

  • Changed the default blocksize used during storage volume creation from 128k to 8k. [ QSTOR-5570 ]

  • Removed the ambiguous 'auto' option from the blocksize selection storage volume create and modify dialogs. 8k will now be the default selection and setting in the WebUi and for qs cli volume creation." [ QSTOR-5570 ]

  • Updated the Storage Volume Create Dialog with the same Compression, sync and blocksize options as the Storage Volume Modify dialog. [ QSTOR-5495 ]

High Availability

  • Adds high Availability iofencing support for NVME shared storage devices. [ QSTOR-5447 ]

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes leave VIF cluster ports on QuantaStor 5.0 after deletion by a user. [ QSTOR-5616 ]

  • Fixed an issue with HA cluster discovery introduced in the platform change in 5.0 [ QSTOR-5176 ]


  • Added a new EFI installer option for systems that have a TPM module. [ QSTOR-5572 ]

NAS Gateway / Cloud Container

  • Renamed the Cloud Container tab in the WebUI to 'NAS Gateway' [ QSTOR-5468 ]

  • Various Improvements to the Cloud Container management section of the WebUI. [ QSTOR-5468 ]

  • Fixed an issue with creating Cloud Containers in some Amazon S3 regions. [ QSTOR-5557 ]

  • Removed Cloud Container 'Repair', 'Modify' and 'Remove' context menu options that are no longer required for the deduplication s3ql style Cloud Containers that was deprecated in QuantaStor 5.0. [ QSTOR-5552 ]

Network Shares

  • Updated the Network Share Show Mount Command Dialog to prioritize the IP used in the mount command based on Link Speed and if the Interface is a VIF. A drop-down IP and interface selection now allows users to easily customize the mount command output. [ QSTOR-4651 ]

  • Fixed an issue with Network Share namespaces where /export bind mounts were being placed on systems outside of the namespace. [ QSTOR-4977 ]

  • Improved filtering and visibility for snapshot parent shares in the Network Share Multi-Delete dialog to make manually removing Snapshots easier on configurations with many snapshots. [ QSTOR-5427 ]

Remote Replication

  • Changed Storage System Link in qs CLI to 'Replication Link' e.g. the commands are now 'qs replication-link-create' 'qs replication-link-list' 'qs replication-link-get' etc. [ QSTOR-5619 ]

  • Added a clarification for the Replication link speed bandwidth limiter to also show MegaBits per second (Mb/s) in addition to the details for MegaBytes (MB/s) per second that were already shown. [ QSTOR-5535 ]


  • Fixed an issue where pvdisplay commands would hang after Gluster config tear down. [ QSTOR-5223 ]

  • Fixed an issue where Storage Systems would be listed twice in the Gluster Peer Detach Dialog [ QSTOR-5525 ]

Web Manager

  • Fixed an issue with showing the users inside of a Multitenancy>Resource Group [ QSTOR-5591 ]


  • Fixed: enabled zvol_request_sync=1 for the ZFS 0.7.12 driver to resolve a kernel panic that can occur in some Storage Volume use cases. This tunable 'sst_zvol_request_sync' is managed via the new 'qs tunable-*' CLI commands. [ QSTOR-5612 ]

Core Service

  • Added support for authenticated shutdown of a QuantaStor node initiated by APC UPS's with apsupsd. [ QSTOR-5592 ]

  • Fixed an issue preventing the ZFS Event Daemon service from running on QuantaStor 5.0 [ QSTOR-5580 ]

Disk Management

  • Added the ability to blink storage pool device groups (vdevs) via the CLI with 'qs spdg-list' and 'qs spdg-ident' commands. [ QSTOR-5566 ]

  • Fixed an issue where a disk format task would show as 100% completed even though the format actually failed due to iofencing preventing write access. [ QSTOR-5555 ]

  • Fixed: when formatting disks and choosing to clear iofencing, the iofencing is now cleared first to ensure formatting can complete without a denial for write access. [ QSTOR-5617 ]

Hardware Controller and Enclosure Management

  • Updated Acromove ServerPack enclosure information to match current offerings. [ QSTOR-5614 ]

  • Updated Hardware Unit Identify Dialog to allow on, off and duration specific identification for supported Hardware Raid unit enclosure slot identification. [ QSTOR-5562 ]


  • Updated SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-5604 ]

v5.0.0.093 (Dec 21st 2018)

Note: for IBM Cloud / SoftLayer users

As an addendum to Event 73376867 QuantaStor 5.x will be replacing QuantaStor 4.x in the IBM Cloud starting April 1st, 2019. After April 1st QuantaStor 5.x will be the available provisioning version for new deployments. Long term maintenance and updates for existing installations of QuantaStor 4.x will be enabled with migrating to QuantaStor 5.x starting with the release of QuantaStor 4.7.2 mid-March, 2019.

For assistance with upgrading an existing QuantaStor 4.x system to QuantaStor 5.x please contact IBM Cloud Support.

QuantaStor 5.0.0 Upgrade Instructions

QuantaStor 5.0.0 was released as ISO media. Upgrades from QuantaStor 4.x to 5.x will be available with the release of QuantaStor 4.7.2.

QuantaStor 5.0.0 Installation Media

QuantaStor v5.0.0 is available at the link here: QuantaStor v5.0.0 ISO md5

Release Notes

Release Highlights:

  • Base Platform upgraded to Ubuntu Xenial.

  • Linux Kernel updated to 4.15.0-36-generic.

  • Updated Ceph version to Luminous.

  • New Ceph OSD's will use Bluestore as their backing storage providing a large performance improvement.

  • Added Encryption at rest for Ceph OSD devices.

  • Added Ceph Crush Map management via Ceph Pool Profiles.

  • Added Ansible Automation support, contact OSNEXUS Sales Engineering for details.

  • Updated Cloud Container (NAS Gateway) backend to provide better performance scaling and support for additional Cloud Providors from Microsoft Azure and Backblaze.

  • Added Configuration Analyzer to help users more easily identify problems and address them.

  • Added IPMI sensor monitoring for server models from Dell, HPE, Cisco, Intel, Supermicro, and Lenovo.

  • Added support for HPE’s NV-DIMM technology for use in scale-out object and block storage configurations.

v4.7.0.231 (Nov 5th 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.7.0.

Release Notes

Key improvements:

  • Updated megaraid_sas driver to 07.706.03.00

  • Cisco Duo Multifactor Authentication Support - MFA framework

  • Cloud Container support for mapping Dropbox folders as NAS Gateway shares

  • Improved support for Network Share Quotas with alert threshold

  • Getting Started dialog simplifies common configuration tasks like setting up object storage and provisioning file and block storage.

  • Automatic Storage Pool device selection in web UI selects drives in sets to ensure disk enclosure fault-toleranance

  • Grid-wide configuration of DNS/NTP server settings in an single dialog

  • Storage Pools now show RAID set (vdevs) groupings to simplify management of large pools with 100s of drives

  • Improved pool and device health alerting, management and LED blink activation system

  • Integrated server hardware monitoring and platform detection with alerting on server hardware issues including failed fans, power supplies, and high temperature.

v4.6.2.017 (July 26th 2018)

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.6.2.

Release Notes


  • Added updated megaraid_sas 07.706.03.00 driver to trusty platform installer kernel. [ QSTOR-4836 ]

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a blank screen to appear during boot instead of the expected QuantaStor splash screen. [ QSTOR-4950 ]

  • Fixed an issue where new installs were not getting auto-multipath for new disks enabled by default. [ QSTOR-4972 ]

Network Shares

  • Added 'Flat' Namespace options for Windows client DFS access. This option when configured shows Network Shares for other nodes in the QuantaStor grid for access from any configured node. [ QSTOR-4930 ]

  • Added additional error code information for the new Ldap AD user/group search dialog added in 4.6.0 [ QSTOR-4792 ]

  • Fixed an issue where a passive HA node would advertise Network Shares that are not longer physically present on the system via smb on it's local IP address(es). [ QSTOR-4980 ]

  • Fixed an issue where the Network Share Modify dialog would fail to open if local user groups are assigned to a share. [ QSTOR-4905 ]

  • Fixed an issue with changing the assigned group ownership to be that of a users group if the share had previously been set to ownership for root. [ QSTOR-4764 ]

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate Share Clone options shown in the UI for the right-click context menu on Storage Pools. [ QSTOR-4907 ]

Active Directory

  • Fixed: Removing an Active Directory configuration is now immediately reflected upon task completion. [ QSTOR-4793 ]


  • Updated included Ceph version to 12.2.7 [ QSTOR-4953 ]

  • Updated Minimum memory requirement for ceph node (VM) increased to 4GB [ QSTOR-3400 ]

  • Added a check for creating erasure coded ceph pools for object storage setup in ceph cluster with less than 3 nodes. Erasure coding for object storage on single node clusters is not available with ceph, please choose one of the mirror profiles instead. [ QSTOR-4915 ]

  • Added the ability to remove monitors and go below the minimum required number of monitors in a ceph cluster by adding the force flag. [ QSTOR-4872 ]

  • Fixed an issue with refreshing to display the correct number of OSDs in the Ceph Cluster dashboard cluster after adding OSD's. [ QSTOR-4850 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Added a toggle for the Hardware Enclosures and Controllers Enclosure View grid view to collapse the Enclosure graphic panel. This provides the option to show even more of the Enclosure view on smaller displays. [ QSTOR-4936 ]

  • Adjusted the height and width of disk slots in the Enclosure view. This makes it easier to view the Enclosure layouts on lower resolution displays. [ QSTOR-4917 ]

Disk Management

  • Changed default page size in the Physical Disk view to show 400 physical disks per page by default. [ QSTOR-4924 ]

  • Fixed an issue that would require scrubbing a disk's SCSI3-PR io-fencing reservations twice to remove the reservation completely. [ QSTOR-4948 ]

  • Fixed an issue with SMART disk temperature reporting. This corrects a regression introduced in 4.6.0. [ QSTOR-4949 ]

Remote Replciation and Snapshots

  • Added a tooltip to the Storage System Link Dialog Bandwidth limit slider to indicate a setting of 0 uses the default limit of 100mb/s [ QSTOR-4868 ]

  • Fixed an issue with character validation when changing the name of a schedule via a replication-schedule-modify qs CLI command. [ QSTOR-4727 ]

  • Fixed: an alert will now be raise when a snapshot cannot be manually triggered during a cool down period. [ QSTOR-4877 ]

Network Port Management

  • Added Create Bonded Port option to the ribbon bar at the top of the Storage System section of the QuantaStor web Manager. [ QSTOR-4928 ]

  • Added maximum advertised link speed information to ports with an offline status. [ QSTOR-4941 ]

  • Fixed an issue with iSCSI discovery on Manual Virtual interfaces added to Bond and VLAN devices. [ QSTOR-4687 ]

Cloud Containers

  • Added: Automatically Clean up cache files after removing or deleting a cloud container. [ QSTOR-4530 ]

  • Fixed an issue where Cloud Containers could sometimes fill up the /tmp directory resulting in not enough free space on the OS disk. [ QSTOR-4529 ]

Storage Pool Management

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Storage Pool Remove Cache device task to leave cache devices attached to the selected pool. [ QSTOR-4899 ]

  • Fixed an issue where removing the Zil log mirror from a pool would leave one disk as iofenced to the pool. [ QSTOR-3214 ]

Web Manager

  • Fixed multi-delete confirmation popup window now correctly shows the child snapshots in the list. [ QSTOR-4878 ]

  • Fixed: launching dialogs from right click context menus will by default have the correct system from the selection drop down menu. [ QSTOR-4951 ]

Service Core & CLI

  • Fixed: added a check to create a iSCSI initiator name if it is not present for the QuantaStor Software iSCSI Adapter. [ QSTOR-4909 ]

  • Fixed: the metrics-set command for the qs cli will now return back the expected response confirming the change. [ QSTOR-4568 ]

  • Increased default RAM limits of management services to allow scaling for larger grids and higher grid object counts. [ QSTOR-4910 ]