v5.2.0.088 (April 4th 2019)

by Lauren House

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v5.2.0.

Release Notes

Base Platform Upgrade Available

  • Enabled Platform upgrades from Trusty to Xenial. To upgrade the platform run 'qs-distupgrade' after upgrading fully to v4.7.2. This will bring your system to the very latest QuantaStor 5.x version and supported linux kernel on the Xenial Platform. Please contact support@osnexus.com for any questions or upgrade assistance.

Alert Manager

  • Added support for Mattermost for call-home alerts [ QSTOR-5711 ]


  • Added Ceph Pool Dashboard that shows I/O statistics for Throughput and I/Ops. [ QSTOR-4497 ]

  • Added support for Object Storage Tenant accounts in Ceph User creation. [ QSTOR-5660 ]

  • Added the ability to create Ceph Crush Rules via the WebUI for replicated pool types. [ QSTOR-5471 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the OSD device type validation when creating a Ceph Crush map rule. [ QSTOR-5718 ]

  • Fixed you can now add a custom Description when creating Ceph Crush Rules. [ QSTOR-5770 ]

  • Fixed an issue where the 'ceph osd dump' calls were not returning a complete payload [ QSTOR-5703 ]

  • Fixed an issue where the Cluster Monitor and Cluster Member grids were reported differing Monitor Status. [ QSTOR-5677 ]

  • Fixed an issue with ceph OSD discovery with bad or offline OSDs. [ QSTOR-5343 ]

  • Fixed an issue with ceph rados gateway not starting up correctly [ QSTOR-5004 ]

  • Fixed an issue with OSD clean up after a ceph cluster delete operation. [ QSTOR-5781 ]

  • Refactored Ceph Pool Modify to accept Crush Rule Name or Id as input. [ QSTOR-5474 ]

  • Fixed some spacing issues and enable properties view of the Ceph Pool Profile object. [ QSTOR-5783 ]

Cloud Containers

  • Fixed an issue where ZFS Volumes were filtered out of the Cloud Backup policy dialog. [ QSTOR-5749 ]

  • Fixed an issue with selecting the 'Assign to Group' checkbox in the Modify Cloud Backup Schedule dialog without selecting a group from the drop down menu. [ QSTOR-5220 ]

Disk Management

  • Added Drive Temperature property and Grid display column to the Physical Disks in the Web Interface for NVMe and SMART health reporting disks. [ QSTOR-5764 ]

  • Fixed an issue with Physical Disk discovery for Legacy DGC SAN LUN's that do not correctly issue T10 style device serial identifiers [ QSTOR-5686 ]

  • Increased Hard Disk temperature warning threshold to 56 degrees celsius. [ QSTOR-5596 ]

  • Fixed an issue with marking a Physical disk as a Global spare disk on a remote storage system in the grid that has a different Hard disk controller type. [ QSTOR-5774 ]


  • Fixed an issue with the quantastor service crashing after creating subshares on a gluster volume [ QSTOR-5221 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Fixed Enclosure slot mapping for the S2122-N24-4 NVMe server chassis to map the PCI-E paths correctly for each slot and to leave gaps if a slot is empty. [ QSTOR-5775 ]

  • Fixed: the 'Mark disk as Good' right click menu option in the Hardware Enclosures and Controllers section is now correctly context sensitive to RAID controllers that support that disk state and action. [ QSTOR-5053 ]

High Availability

  • Fixed an issue with the isVirtualInterface flag being set properly on Site Cluster Virtual Interfaces (VIFs). [ QSTOR-5622 ]

Storage Pools

  • Added automatic metadata import for Network Share objects when importing a previously manually exported storage pool. [ QSTOR-5564 ]

  • Fixed an issue related to updating iofencing when importing QuantaStor ZFS Storage pools on iSCSI backend storage after a reboot. [ QSTOR-5769 ]

  • Fixed an issue where local disk devices were not being filtered out for grow and spare add operations on High Availability failover Storage Pools. [ QSTOR-4576 ]

  • Fixed an issue with ensuring VDEV redundancy across multiple JBODs when creating encrypted storage pools. [ QSTOR-4830 ]

  • Fixed an issue with ZFS Storage ool Import. This corrects a regression introduced in 5.1.0. [ QSTOR-5727 ]

  • Fixed an issue with updating the zpool resilver percent completion value. [ QSTOR-5548 ]

  • Fixed: removing multiple cache devices from an encrypted pool correctly closes and removes encryption from each device. [ QSTOR-2415 ]

  • Fixed an issue where the spare device count for pools was not being updated properly [ QSTOR-5058 ]

  • Fixed an issue with removing read cache devices from zfs pools. [ QSTOR-5124 ]

Installer ISO

  • Updated ISO creation to allow writing iso as a dd image for uefi on Linux and Mac Clients [ QSTOR-5705 ]

  • Updated TPM installer option to use Ubuntu Xenial standard secure boot support. [ QSTOR-5728 ]

iSCSI Software Adapter

  • Refactor how missing iSCSI targets are handled and auto retry login. [ QSTOR-5041 ]


  • Added PCK7 Signatures to all Linux Kernel drivers built and packaged by OSNEXUS required for secure boot support. [ QSTOR-5603 ]

  • Updated drivers [ QSTOR-5554 ]

i40e: 2.7.29 ixgbe: 5.5.5 igb: e1000e: ena: 2.0.2g megaraid_sas: 07.708.03.00 mpt3sas: aacraid: bxt_en: 1.9.1- mlx: 4.5-1.0.1 hpsa: 3.4.20-125 sfc: arcmsr: v1.40.0X.09-20180709 scst: 3.4.0 smartpqi: 1.2.4-065 zfs: 0.7.13

Localization I8N

  • Added support for South Korean localization. Append '?locale=ko' to the QuantaStor Web Manager URL to use. [ QSTOR-4326 ]

Multifactor Authentication

  • Fixed an issue where the passcode field would be disabled even though it was selected as a drop down option when logging in using Multi-factor Authentication. [ QSTOR-5642 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the Multi-factor Authentication timeout in the event the authentication verification server is not available. [ QSTOR-5211 ]

Network Shares

  • Enabled ports above 1024 for NFS access rules by default. [ QSTOR-5595 ]

  • Added 'Allow Full Port Range Access' to 'Modify NFS Client Access' dialog. [ QSTOR-5595 ]

Snapshots, Remote Replication and Backup policies

  • Added ability to retain hourly snapshots from replication schedules, snapshot schedules, and backup policies. [ QSTOR-5674 ]


  • Enabled Platform upgrades from Trusty to Xenial. To upgrade the platform run qs-distupgrade after upgrading fully to v4.7.2. This will bring your system to the very latest QuantaStor 5.x version and linux kernel on the Xenial Platform. Please contact support@osnexus.com for any questions or upgrade assistance. [ QSTOR-5565 ]

  • Fixed an issue with offline upgrades on xenial [ QSTOR-5262 ]

Web Manager

  • Fixed an issue where the Calendar widget in dialogs that could schedule dates, would not show month or allow editing in some browsers. [ QSTOR-5767 ]

  • Fixed several error dialog windows for proper context. [ QSTOR-5675 ]

  • Fixed: when no pools were created on a grid, the Dashboards Free capacity will now only be reported once. [ QSTOR-5740 ]

  • Fixed the width of the iSCSI Target login/logout dialog grid view to ensure all selected columns are visible when scrolling. [ QSTOR-5676 ]

  • Refactored the Storage Volume Create and Modify dialogs [ QSTOR-5502 ]


  • Updated SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-5645 ]

Core Service

  • Fixed an issue with Legacy ethX network naming where the interfaces after reboot would be incorrect and not start from 0 [ QSTOR-5707 ]

  • Fixed an issue with log spamming for FC adapter discovery. [ QSTOR-5550 ]

  • Fixed an issue with object ownership being updated after a grid master election. [ QSTOR-5652 ]

  • Fixed: QuantaStor will no longer create a second encrypted swap device if one already exists on the system. [ QSTOR-5629 ]

  • Fixed an issue where QS would try to continually re-discover network ports which are marked as 'missing'. [ QSTOR-5403 ]

  • Fixed an issue with influxDB queries failing [ QSTOR-5656 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the telegraf service not starting properly on xenial platform. [ QSTOR-4842 ]