v5.3.0.074 (May 29th 2019)

by Lauren House

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v5.3.0.

Release Notes

Ceph Scale-out Block and Object

  • Added obfuscation for Ceph user S3/Swift Access keys in the WebUI. You can now click on the fields to reveal the access keys and enable copying the data. [ QSTOR-5910 ]

  • Fixed an issue with OSD Identify for Chassis Enclosure services. [ QSTOR-5394 ]

  • Fixed an issue that would allow users to accidentally delete the default Ceph Crush Rules and Ceph Pool Profiles. [ QSTOR-5510 ]

  • Fixed an issue with error messages pertaining to invalid names from the ceph pool profile enum task. [ QSTOR-5916 ]

  • Fixed an issue with iptables rules for radosgw. When enabling S3/Swift access on a network port, both port 80 and port 443 are forwarded to the HTTP Rados Gateway port. [ QSTOR-5841 ]

  • Fixed an issue with Modifying a Ceph users Secret/Access Keys. [ QSTOR-5837 ]

  • Fixed: Ceph now always has a default pool profile allowing Pool creation. [ QSTOR-5850 ]

  • Increased response time to change the Ceph Crush Rule on an existing Ceph Pool [ QSTOR-5513 ]

  • Replaced qs CLI option 'ceph-crush-rule-create' with 'ceph-crush-rule-create-erasure' and 'ceph-crush-rule-create-replicated' as the required arguments and options required two sets of commands. [ QSTOR-5803 ]

  • Fixed an issue where some OSDs were not being created. [ QSTOR-5499 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the Dialog options resetting in the Create WAL device dialog after adjusting the number of partitions slider. [ QSTOR-5806 ]

  • Adjusted the layout and flow of the Ceph ribbon bar in the web UI. [ QSTOR-5914 ]

Dashboards and Analytics

  • Added various checks and warnings for the config analyzer in the web UI. [ QSTOR-3990 ]

  • Fixed: Storage Volumes and Storage Pools now both show their Latency Graphs in Milliseconds. [ QSTOR-5851 ]

  • Added ZFS (ARC) Cache statistics graphing for Storage Systems. [ QSTOR-3540 ]

  • Added Average trend lines to I/OPs, Bytes and Latency Graphs. [ QSTOR-5873 ]

Disk Management

  • Fixed an issue where NVME devices without a scsi ID could be correlated as used by a Storage Pool created on a NVME device without a scsi ID. [ QSTOR-5937 ]

  • Added filtering to prevent scanning zvol's or rbd's for LVM information. [ QSTOR-5881 ]

  • Fixed an issue with formatting disks that had previously been used for Ceph Bluestore OSD's without the OSD remove process being run on the drive. [ QSTOR-5751 ]

  • Fixed: Disk Formatting tasks that fail due to an I/O error will now report the disk format as failed. [ QSTOR-5626 ]

  • Added detection of Disks with Shingled Magnetic Recording that are not zoned for writing. These drives will properly indicate this state in the CLI and WebUI. [ QSTOR-5894 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Added Disk identify support for HGST Serv24 NVMe. [ QSTOR-5743 ]

  • Added vendor property to the Hardware Controller Disks model. [ QSTOR-5797 ]

  • Fixed an issue with detecting MegaRAID CacheCade RAID units. [ QSTOR-5833 ]

  • Fixed: RAID0 Passthrough disks created on Raid controllers are now set to write-thru mode by default. [ QSTOR-5866 ]

High Availability Failover

  • Added a warning state and state detail indicating a reboot is required to Storage Systems if a HA storage pool failed to export during a failover. [ QSTOR-4241 ]

  • Added a periodic alert for Storage Systems with the 'requiresReboot' flag set that will trigger once a day to recommend the storage system be rebooted. [ QSTOR-4241 ]

  • Fixed an issue with a internal tool used by customer support. [ QSTOR-5625 ]

  • Fixed: the zfs pool export logic has been updated to make failure scenarios easier to diagnose and correctly trigger failure events and alerts. [ QSTOR-705 ]

  • Fixed an issue with iofencing to ensure we can always re-register for backing disk devices that were already registered due to a changed iSCSI initiator handle (from rebooting the QuantaStor node or disconnecting/reconnecting the software iSCSI adapter). [ QSTOR-5780 ]

NAS Gateway / Cloud Containers

  • Added the "Add Credentials' options to the Cloud Container Lefthand tree view and Central Cloud Container grid right click context menus. [ QSTOR-5805 ]

  • Added support for creating custom Ceph object storage endpoints for the NAS Gateway/Cloud Container through the Quantastor UI. [ QSTOR-5876 ]

  • Fix UI issue in reporting failure during scan buckets and reset bucket list for cloud provider change. [ QSTOR-5522 ]

  • Updated rclone to 1.47.0 [ QSTOR-5893 ]

Network Shares

  • Added logic that persists File Access Control List options through pool export and re-imports. [ QSTOR-5567 ]

Quantastor CLI

  • Fixed an issue with running the qs-version command as a non-root user to check the current QuantaStor service version. [ QSTOR-5790 ]

  • Fixed some error codes for the 'qs' CLI [ QSTOR-5826 ]

Remote Replication and Snapshots

  • Fixed: Added logic to automatically cleanup Remote Replication metadata for replicated Network Shares. [ QSTOR-5863 ]

  • Fixed an issue with rolling back to a previous snapshot of a volume. [ QSTOR-4856 ]

SCSI Target

  • Fixed an issue with the SCST copy manager target lun missing for _chkpnt or rbd volumes. This prevented client access for some clients when the lun was mapped out. [ QSTOR-5816 ]

  • Fixed an issue with removing iSCSI/FC LUN access assignments on Storage Volume Replica checkpoints that could lead to a kernel panic. [ QSTOR-5813 ]


  • Fixed an issue with custom self-signed ssl certificates generated by the qs-sslcert command. [ QSTOR-5875 ]

  • Fixed an issue with reverting to the default certificates if the user had previously deployed custom self-signed certificates using the qs-sslcert scripts. [ QSTOR-5875 ]

  • Enhance security against cross-site scripting attacks. [ QSTOR-5935 ]

  • Fixed an issue with potential user enumeration. [ QSTOR-5872 ]

  • Fixed an issue with password field access for authenticated users. [ QSTOR-5872 ]

  • Updated additional password Fields in the UI to be obfuscated by default. [ QSTOR-5838 ]

Server Integration

  • Fixed an issue with ipmi messaging in the quantastor service log on Virtual machines that do not support ipmi. [ QSTOR-5927 ]

  • Fixed the ipmi hardware support to not run on Virtual Machine Platforms that do not have access to IPMI hardware. [ QSTOR-5925 ]

  • Added IPMI IP, subnet, gateway and Mac Address to storage system properties for systems with IPMI/iLo onboard. [ QSTOR-5908 ]

  • Added IPMI sensor support for Cisco C240 M5 for PSU, Fan and CPU temperature and System temperature. [ QSTOR-5904 ]

  • Added /opt/osnexus/quantastor/conf/qs_ipmi.conf configuration file for adding custom ipmi sensor names for PSU state, Fans and Temperatures of PCH, CPU and System. [ QSTOR-5493 ]

  • Added alerting on IPMI/iLO sensors for PSU redundancy status change. [ QSTOR-5007 ]

Service Core

  • Fixed an issue where 10gb interfaces would sometimes report link speed as 1gb even though they were running at 10gb. [ QSTOR-5269 ]

  • Unified the reporting of Temperatures to be Celsius and in the default display format of 'NN C ( NN.N F)' [ QSTOR-5793 ]

  • Added 'requiresReboot' flag to Storage System objects for indicating if a reboot is required for the storage system. [ QSTOR-5855 ]

  • Added ability to send support logs without a license key. [ QSTOR-3979 ]

  • Consolidated default configuration files under the /opt/osnexus/quantastor/conf directory. [ QSTOR-5800 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the telegraf configuration if there is no Ceph configuration deployed on QuantaStor. [ QSTOR-5868 ]


  • Updated SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-5884 ]

Storage Pool Management

  • Fixed the ZFS Event Daemon zedlets to use the correct path for ZFS 0.7 and newer. [ QSTOR-5929 ]

  • Fixed the ZFS Storage Pool resilver alerting to report the resilver is in progress along with the resilver percentage. [ QSTOR-5886 ]

  • Fixed an issue with Enclosure Redundancy mapping for ZFS vdev's. [ QSTOR-5887 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the reported used space on Storage Pools in the Grid Dashboard view. [ QSTOR-5694 ]

  • Fixed: reduced the time for the spare disk marker to be cleared from a drive that is added to a storage pool to replace a failed disk. [ QSTOR-5498 ]

  • Fixed: updated the zpool raw size(before redundancy and metadata allocation) to be more accurate. [ QSTOR-5867 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the Pool RAIDType when multiple ZFS SLOG mirrors are present on a storage pool. This would previously cause issues with storage pool grow operations. [ QSTOR-5858 ]

Storage Volumes

  • Fixed: The Storage Volume Create Dialog will now correctly create GigaByte/TeraByte/PetaByte sized Volumes (base10 multiple of 1000) if the size is specified with 'GB','TB','PB'. Specifying just the letter e.g. 'G' or providing 'GiB' will create a Gibibyte volume (base2 multiple of 1024) as before. Using the Slider will continue to create Volumes in Mebibyte/Gibibyte sizes. [ QSTOR-5860 ]

  • Adjust size conversions when specifying the size property of a storage volume from the CLI. This adds support for creating volumes via the CLI in GigaByte/TeraByte/PetaByte sizes (base10 x1000) if specified in 'GB','TB',PB' shorthand. QuantaStor will continue todefault creating volumes in (base2 x1024) standard if the user specifies only the first letter or full shorthand. e.g. ('G' or 'GiB/GIB'). [ QSTOR-5864 ]

Web Manager

  • Fixed an issue where Snapshots for Network Shares would appear in the central grid 'Network Shares' tab. [ QSTOR-5938 ]

  • Fixed an issue where some dialog box text fields allowed editing of informational text. [ QSTOR-5902 ]

Upgrade Manager and Installer

  • Enhanced the Upgrade Manager Dialog to allow upgrading specific multiple nodes all at the same time. note: this only works for 5.3 or newer releases. Releases older than 5.3 will need to be upgraded from the CLI via qs-upgrade. [ QSTOR-3976 ]

  • The WebUI now installs full platform Security and Stability updates alongside the core QuantaStor package updates. [ QSTOR-3976 ]

  • Updated qs-upgrade script to unify WebUI and CLI upgrade options. [ QSTOR-3976 ]

  • Fixed an issue with the upgrade repositories that could indicate a package downgrade is required for some dependencies. [ QSTOR-5956 ]