v4.6.2.017 (July 26th 2018)

by Lauren House

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.6.2.

Release Notes


  • Added updated megaraid_sas 07.706.03.00 driver to trusty platform installer kernel. [ QSTOR-4836 ]

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a blank screen to appear during boot instead of the expected QuantaStor splash screen. [ QSTOR-4950 ]

  • Fixed an issue where new installs were not getting auto-multipath for new disks enabled by default. [ QSTOR-4972 ]

Network Shares

  • Added 'Flat' Namespace options for Windows client DFS access. This option when configured shows Network Shares for other nodes in the QuantaStor grid for access from any configured node. [ QSTOR-4930 ]

  • Added additional error code information for the new Ldap AD user/group search dialog added in 4.6.0 [ QSTOR-4792 ]

  • Fixed an issue where a passive HA node would advertise Network Shares that are not longer physically present on the system via smb on it's local IP address(es). [ QSTOR-4980 ]

  • Fixed an issue where the Network Share Modify dialog would fail to open if local user groups are assigned to a share. [ QSTOR-4905 ]

  • Fixed an issue with changing the assigned group ownership to be that of a users group if the share had previously been set to ownership for root. [ QSTOR-4764 ]

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate Share Clone options shown in the UI for the right-click context menu on Storage Pools. [ QSTOR-4907 ]

Active Directory

  • Fixed: Removing an Active Directory configuration is now immediately reflected upon task completion. [ QSTOR-4793 ]


  • Updated included Ceph version to 12.2.7 [ QSTOR-4953 ]

  • Updated Minimum memory requirement for ceph node (VM) increased to 4GB [ QSTOR-3400 ]

  • Added a check for creating erasure coded ceph pools for object storage setup in ceph cluster with less than 3 nodes. Erasure coding for object storage on single node clusters is not available with ceph, please choose one of the mirror profiles instead. [ QSTOR-4915 ]

  • Added the ability to remove monitors and go below the minimum required number of monitors in a ceph cluster by adding the force flag. [ QSTOR-4872 ]

  • Fixed an issue with refreshing to display the correct number of OSDs in the Ceph Cluster dashboard cluster after adding OSD's. [ QSTOR-4850 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Added a toggle for the Hardware Enclosures and Controllers Enclosure View grid view to collapse the Enclosure graphic panel. This provides the option to show even more of the Enclosure view on smaller displays. [ QSTOR-4936 ]

  • Adjusted the height and width of disk slots in the Enclosure view. This makes it easier to view the Enclosure layouts on lower resolution displays. [ QSTOR-4917 ]

Disk Management

  • Changed default page size in the Physical Disk view to show 400 physical disks per page by default. [ QSTOR-4924 ]

  • Fixed an issue that would require scrubbing a disk's SCSI3-PR io-fencing reservations twice to remove the reservation completely. [ QSTOR-4948 ]

  • Fixed an issue with SMART disk temperature reporting. This corrects a regression introduced in 4.6.0. [ QSTOR-4949 ]

Remote Replciation and Snapshots

  • Added a tooltip to the Storage System Link Dialog Bandwidth limit slider to indicate a setting of 0 uses the default limit of 100mb/s [ QSTOR-4868 ]

  • Fixed an issue with character validation when changing the name of a schedule via a replication-schedule-modify qs CLI command. [ QSTOR-4727 ]

  • Fixed: an alert will now be raise when a snapshot cannot be manually triggered during a cool down period. [ QSTOR-4877 ]

Network Port Management

  • Added Create Bonded Port option to the ribbon bar at the top of the Storage System section of the QuantaStor web Manager. [ QSTOR-4928 ]

  • Added maximum advertised link speed information to ports with an offline status. [ QSTOR-4941 ]

  • Fixed an issue with iSCSI discovery on Manual Virtual interfaces added to Bond and VLAN devices. [ QSTOR-4687 ]

Cloud Containers

  • Added: Automatically Clean up cache files after removing or deleting a cloud container. [ QSTOR-4530 ]

  • Fixed an issue where Cloud Containers could sometimes fill up the /tmp directory resulting in not enough free space on the OS disk. [ QSTOR-4529 ]

Storage Pool Management

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Storage Pool Remove Cache device task to leave cache devices attached to the selected pool. [ QSTOR-4899 ]

  • Fixed an issue where removing the Zil log mirror from a pool would leave one disk as iofenced to the pool. [ QSTOR-3214 ]

Web Manager

  • Fixed multi-delete confirmation popup window now correctly shows the child snapshots in the list. [ QSTOR-4878 ]

  • Fixed: launching dialogs from right click context menus will by default have the correct system from the selection drop down menu. [ QSTOR-4951 ]

Service Core & CLI

  • Fixed: added a check to create a iSCSI initiator name if it is not present for the QuantaStor Software iSCSI Adapter. [ QSTOR-4909 ]

  • Fixed: the metrics-set command for the qs cli will now return back the expected response confirming the change. [ QSTOR-4568 ]

  • Increased default RAM limits of management services to allow scaling for larger grids and higher grid object counts. [ QSTOR-4910 ]