v4.7.0.231 (Nov 5th 2018)

by Lauren House

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v4.7.0.

Release Notes

Key improvements:

  • Updated megaraid_sas driver to 07.706.03.00

  • Cisco Duo Multifactor Authentication Support - MFA framework

  • Cloud Container support for mapping Dropbox folders as NAS Gateway shares

  • Improved support for Network Share Quotas with alert threshold

  • Getting Started dialog simplifies common configuration tasks like setting up object storage and provisioning file and block storage.

  • Automatic Storage Pool device selection in web UI selects drives in sets to ensure disk enclosure fault-toleranance

  • Grid-wide configuration of DNS/NTP server settings in an single dialog

  • Storage Pools now show RAID set (vdevs) groupings to simplify management of large pools with 100s of drives

  • Improved pool and device health alerting, management and LED blink activation system

  • Integrated server hardware monitoring and platform detection with alerting on server hardware issues including failed fans, power supplies, and high temperature.