v5.3.1.085 (June 18th 2019)

by Lauren House

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v5.3.1.

Release Notes

Disk Management

  • Added support for Disk temperatures and SMART health state for NVMe devices. This is reported at the Physical Disk object layer. [ QSTOR-5576 ]

  • Removed a disk scan step that had been required during ZFS Pool import for older SSD disk firmware on the HGST Serv24HA platform. [ QSTOR-5720 ]

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Added isBlinking property for status indication for the HGST Serv24-HA disks Beacon LED. [ QSTOR-5975 ]

  • Fixed an issue with Hardware Enclosure and Controller service support for the HGST Serv24-HA. [ QSTOR-5964 ]

  • Updated the Disk Identify Manager API calls for Hardware Disk, Physical Disk Identify and Storage Pool Device object types. [ QSTOR-5761 ]

NAS Gateway / Cloud Containers

  • Added support for Wasabi S3 endpoints [ QSTOR-5960 ]

Network Shares

  • Fixed: Renaming a Network Share will now immediately reflect the new share name in the Network Share Objects exports path. Previously the change would not occur immediately, requiring a Storage Pool discovery cycle to update the UI. [ QSTOR-5930 ]

Quantastor CLI

  • Changed the qs cli to output error messages to stderr and report an error code on failure messages. [ QSTOR-5885 ]

  • Fixed the help text for the `qs spd-get` command. [ QSTOR-5791 ]

Remote Replication and Snapshots

  • Update the average data transfer on a replication report while the job is still running. [ QSTOR-5978 ]

  • Replication schedules are now able to start faster after a system reboot or service restart. [ QSTOR-5978 ]

Service Core

  • Added logfile management and rotation for advanced QuantaStor service diagnostic logs. [ QSTOR-5721 ]

  • Fixed: async rest and qs cli command calls that start a task now have the task object immediately available on all grid nodes for further query and task lifecycle tracking. [ QSTOR-5779 ]

  • Moved QuantaStor Management and associated service logs to /var/log/qs/ subdirectory. [ QSTOR-5934 ]


  • Updated SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-5990 ]

Storage Pool Management

  • Fixed: RAID10 is now the default raid type selected in the Create Storage Pool dialog when there are 4 or more disks available for creating a storage pool [ QSTOR-5989 ]

  • Fixed: Storage Pool import on backing iSCSI LUNs consumed by QuantaStor that had prior SCSI-3 PR will now preempt and re-register the key to correct iSID session changes. [ QSTOR-5778 ]

  • Fixed: using the force flag for the Storage Pool Create will ensure a full quick Disk format and partition cleanup occurs similar to formatting a physical disk in the Physical Disk section. [ QSTOR-5983 ]

Upgrade Manager and Installer

  • Added more detailed logging status for the Upgrade Manager. [ QSTOR-5924 ]

  • Fixed a few corner case items with the qs-upgrade script that required manual corrections.

  • Added logic to the qs-upgrade and qs-distupgrade scripts to ensure the ceph user and group exists when upgrading from the Ceph Jewel release.

  • Added logic to the qs-upgrade script to ensure dpkg is version 1.17.5ubuntu5.8 or later when on the Trusty platform" [ QSTOR-5977 ]

Web Manager

  • Added a spinning indicator to the Upgrade Manager dialog for when it is first launched and is in process of discovering the latest package versions. [ QSTOR-5880 ]

  • Added a spinning indicator to the Import Cloud Container dialog for when you click the search button to locate existing buckets. [ QSTOR-5880 ]

  • Added Server Layout image customization to the Modify Storage System Dialog. This can be viewed in the Storage System>System Information tab. [ QSTOR-5796 ]