v5.4.0.134 (August 21st 2019)

by Lauren House

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v5.4.0.

Release Notes

Kernel and Drivers

  • Updated kernel to 4.15.0-54-generic

  • Updated SCST driver to 3.4.0 r8435

  • Updated SCST driver resolves an issue with client connectivity over iSCSI to Ceph RBD's.

  • Updated switchtec driver to 1.3

Ceph Scale-out Block, Object and File

  • Added further right click context menu options in the Scale-out Configuration tabs.

  • Adds new scale-out NAS capabilities based on CephFS. QuantaStor now supports NFS and SMB based storage access using CephFS with compression and encryption capabilities.

  • Fixed an issue with the slider for capacity in the Resize Scale-out Storage Volume Dialog

  • Fixed: added a check to ensure at least one Ceph Zone exists before allowing users to create S3/SWITFT Object User Access.

  • Added Ceph S3 Bucket Management

  • Fixed an issue with mislabeled buttons in the Getting Started dialog.

Disk Management

  • Fixed a few corner cases with Multi-port NVMe device WERO/WEAR device preempt and re-registration.

  • Fixed an issue where a Storage Pool Destroy task was not formatting its Disks to free them up for further use.

  • improved disk UUID generation for VM instances (VSAs)

  • Fixed qs disk-format now allows use of the disk name as well as the new query filtering for the --disk-list argument.

Hardware Enclosures and Controllers

  • Fixed, added logic to ensure the disk identify status is always synchronized for hardwared disk and physical disks objects in a high availability config.

  • Added logic to ensure manual changes to a disk identify/beacon LED is discovered and updated for hardware disk and physical disk objects.

  • Fixed: rebuild status on LSI Hardware controller RAID units will correctly update to show the rebuild status and percentage remaining for the operation.

  • Updated some hardware disk identify/beacon LED logic to be more generic for various controllers.

High Availability Failover

  • Fixed issue with some HA operations doing excessive logging at INFO level.

  • Fixed some corner cases where the reboot required indicator for HA pool export failures was not being cleared or would not be set when a clean pool export during failover failed to occur.

  • Redesigned the HA pool failover logic in the event of JBOD connectivity loss. failover is detected immediately and all pools in the system with the JBOD loss trigger a failover to the secondary node.

  • Adds additional VIF IP verification checks to ensure duplicate IPs are not used within the storage grid.

  • Fixed: the Add Grid Management right click context menu correctly opens the Add Grid VIF dialog.

NAS Gateway / Cloud Containers

  • Adds Cloud Provider / Container support for Google Drive to make it accessible as a NAS Gateway target.

QuantaStor CLI

  • Added more detailed output to the 'qs share-get' commands.

  • Added --normalize flag to 'qs disk-list', 'qs hwd-list' and several other commands to allow for returning a reduced dataset scoped to the specific system and/or top level device in a list of device paths and device mapper devices.

  • Added a filter for 'qs disk-list' and commands that take the --disk-list argument to filter disks based on [used],[unused],[spare] and other filtering options. This allows for admins to quickly query QuantaStor to return a disk list detailing available drives, used drives or drives marked as dedicated and global spares.

  • Added a qs sys-ping command and storage system check API that performs a fast query of the connected QuantaStor system and returns it's hostname, Storage System ID and QuantaStor version.

  • Added filter options to the 'qs disk-list', 'qs create-pool' and 'qs disk-format' commands that allow for granular filtering of disk sets to get specific numbers and types of disks for these different operations.

  • Fixed an issue with passing disks in by name with 'qs pool-grow'


  • Added support for IBM Key Protect as a Keyvault for storage pool encryption.

  • Improved Create Storage Pool dialog simplifies pool creation and introduces new encryption options including the use of keyvaults"

  • Added the ability to explicitly block and allow protocol ports for individual network interfaces and/or the system as a whole. These options are available via the Firewall tab in Storage System and Network Port modify as well as the 'qs network-port-modify' and 'qs system-modify' commands.

Service Core

  • Added the ability to merge and split Storage System Grids via the qs command line.

  • Fixed a few corner cases where DNS settings were not applying as expected for the latest QuantaStor platforms.


  • Added additional alerts and SNMP traps around FC port and firewall issue detection.

  • Updated SNMP MIB

Storage Pool Management

  • Added Storage Pool Block Cleanup Priority tunable that allows users to change the priority for the asynchronous lazy block free space cleanup for deleted blocks on a Storage Pool.

  • Added support for manually exporting and importing Encrypted Storage Pools that have their pool key encrypted with a passphrase.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent manually importing a previously manually exported pool that had been created with encryption without a passphrase.

  • Fixed an issue with importing encrypted storage pools on disks that do not support iofencing.

  • Fixed some issues with reusing disks which were used in a previously exported encrypted storage pool.

Upgrade Manager and Installer

  • Added Intel and AMD microcode update packages to the ISO installer.

  • Added open-vm-tools to ISO installer.

  • Added support for offline ISO based upgrades from 5.x to the latest 5.x release.

  • Added support in the qs_upgrade script to manage bringing any version of the trusty platform upto the latest 5.x xenial platform release and kernel version.

  • Fixed a corner case where the Upgrade Manager dialog may not open when accessing the webUi via a FQDN that has subdomains.

  • Fixed the missing ping utility.

  • Fixed: the QuantaStor upgrade manager now detects the upgrade path for repoUrl based on the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/osnexus.list

Web Manager

  • Revised QuantaStor Getting Started Guide in the web interface greatly simplifies common tasks and introduces further workflows.

  • Updated progress indicator for various dialogs that require searching or backend queries before displaying or refreshing information.

  • Updated the confirmation dialog for format physical disk to have a clear Warning Icon.

  • Removes XFS pool creation from the WUI, it is still accessible from the QS CLI.

  • Updates to Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Chinese localization files.

  • Fixed an issue with the End User License Accept Dialog when entering a license key in the License Manager dialog.

  • Fixed an issue with being unable to scroll in the Replication Report view.