v5.0.0.093 (Dec 21st 2018)

by Lauren House

Note: for IBM Cloud / SoftLayer users

As an addendum to Event 73376867 QuantaStor 5.x will be replacing QuantaStor 4.x in the IBM Cloud starting April 1st, 2019. After April 1st QuantaStor 5.x will be the available provisioning version for new deployments. Long term maintenance and updates for existing installations of QuantaStor 4.x will be enabled with migrating to QuantaStor 5.x starting with the release of QuantaStor 4.7.2 mid-March, 2019.

For assistance with upgrading an existing QuantaStor 4.x system to QuantaStor 5.x please contact IBM Cloud Support.

QuantaStor 5.0.0 Upgrade Instructions

QuantaStor 5.0.0 was released as ISO media. Upgrades from QuantaStor 4.x to 5.x will be available with the release of QuantaStor 4.7.2.

QuantaStor 5.0.0 Installation Media

QuantaStor v5.0.0 is available at the link here: QuantaStor v5.0.0 ISO md5

Release Notes

Release Highlights:

  • Base Platform upgraded to Ubuntu Xenial.

  • Linux Kernel updated to 4.15.0-36-generic.

  • Updated Ceph version to Luminous.

  • New Ceph OSD's will use Bluestore as their backing storage providing a large performance improvement.

  • Added Encryption at rest for Ceph OSD devices.

  • Added Ceph Crush Map management via Ceph Pool Profiles.

  • Added Ansible Automation support, contact OSNEXUS Sales Engineering for details.

  • Updated Cloud Container (NAS Gateway) backend to provide better performance scaling and support for additional Cloud Providors from Microsoft Azure and Backblaze.

  • Added Configuration Analyzer to help users more easily identify problems and address them.

  • Added IPMI sensor monitoring for server models from Dell, HPE, Cisco, Intel, Supermicro, and Lenovo.

  • Added support for HPE’s NV-DIMM technology for use in scale-out object and block storage configurations.