v5.1.0.160 (Feb 14th 2019)

by Lauren House

Upgrade Instructions

Click here for instructions on upgrading to QuantaStor v5.1.0.

Release Notes

  • Updated QuantaStor update repository to a new distribution namespace of 'quantastor-xenial' for future upgrades. [ QSTOR-5609 ]


  • Added a quick disk format to OSD creation to ensure a disk is clean of any prior partitioning and formatting before use. [ QSTOR-5341 ]

Storage pools

  • Added 'Storage System Optimization' dialog that includes additional tunable controls for ZFS Storage Pool performance settings. [ QSTOR-5583 ]

  • Added 'qs tunable-*' command sets that allow for CLI configuration of the settings available in the 'Storage System Optimization' dialog. for more information on the commands and their usage please see 'qs help=tunable' [ QSTOR-5543 ]

  • Adds more detail to the Storage Pool Delete warning pop-up to clarify for users what Storage Pool on which QuantaStor node is to be deleted when they click the 'Yes' to confirm the deletion. [ QSTOR-5623 ]

  • Fixed an issue on Virtual Machines where the wrong disk block size(ashift) was being specified during ZFS Pool creation. [ QSTOR-5570 ]

  • Added logic to select the highest matching block size (ashift) for a disk set during ZFS pool creation. [ QSTOR-5570 ]

  • Added checks for ZFS pool creation to ensure that physical disk blocksizes(ashift) up to 64k are supported. Disks with blocksizes larger than 64k are not supported with the ZFS filesystem pool type at this time and will generate an error during ZFS Storage Pool creation recommending the use of disks with a 64k or lower blocksize. [ QSTOR-5570 ]

  • Fixed an issue with creating encrypted pools with passphrase, this corrects a regression introduced in 5.0 [ QSTOR-5621 ]

  • Fixed an issue with encrypting ATA devices. This corrects an issue introduced in the 5.0 release. [ QSTOR-5575 ]

  • Fixed an issue with system boot after creating Encrypted Storage Pools [ QSTOR-5627 ]

  • Fixed: manually importing a Storage Pool now immediately performs iofencing of the disk devices during the import process. [ QSTOR-5540 ]

Storage Volumes

  • Changed the default blocksize used during storage volume creation from 128k to 8k. [ QSTOR-5570 ]

  • Removed the ambiguous 'auto' option from the blocksize selection storage volume create and modify dialogs. 8k will now be the default selection and setting in the WebUi and for qs cli volume creation." [ QSTOR-5570 ]

  • Updated the Storage Volume Create Dialog with the same Compression, sync and blocksize options as the Storage Volume Modify dialog. [ QSTOR-5495 ]

High Availability

  • Adds high Availability iofencing support for NVME shared storage devices. [ QSTOR-5447 ]

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes leave VIF cluster ports on QuantaStor 5.0 after deletion by a user. [ QSTOR-5616 ]

  • Fixed an issue with HA cluster discovery introduced in the platform change in 5.0 [ QSTOR-5176 ]


  • Added a new EFI installer option for systems that have a TPM module. [ QSTOR-5572 ]

NAS Gateway / Cloud Container

  • Renamed the Cloud Container tab in the WebUI to 'NAS Gateway' [ QSTOR-5468 ]

  • Various Improvements to the Cloud Container management section of the WebUI. [ QSTOR-5468 ]

  • Fixed an issue with creating Cloud Containers in some Amazon S3 regions. [ QSTOR-5557 ]

  • Removed Cloud Container 'Repair', 'Modify' and 'Remove' context menu options that are no longer required for the deduplication s3ql style Cloud Containers that was deprecated in QuantaStor 5.0. [ QSTOR-5552 ]

Network Shares

  • Updated the Network Share Show Mount Command Dialog to prioritize the IP used in the mount command based on Link Speed and if the Interface is a VIF. A drop-down IP and interface selection now allows users to easily customize the mount command output. [ QSTOR-4651 ]

  • Fixed an issue with Network Share namespaces where /export bind mounts were being placed on systems outside of the namespace. [ QSTOR-4977 ]

  • Improved filtering and visibility for snapshot parent shares in the Network Share Multi-Delete dialog to make manually removing Snapshots easier on configurations with many snapshots. [ QSTOR-5427 ]

Remote Replication

  • Changed Storage System Link in qs CLI to 'Replication Link' e.g. the commands are now 'qs replication-link-create' 'qs replication-link-list' 'qs replication-link-get' etc. [ QSTOR-5619 ]

  • Added a clarification for the Replication link speed bandwidth limiter to also show MegaBits per second (Mb/s) in addition to the details for MegaBytes (MB/s) per second that were already shown. [ QSTOR-5535 ]


  • Fixed an issue where pvdisplay commands would hang after Gluster config tear down. [ QSTOR-5223 ]

  • Fixed an issue where Storage Systems would be listed twice in the Gluster Peer Detach Dialog [ QSTOR-5525 ]

Web Manager

  • Fixed an issue with showing the users inside of a Multitenancy>Resource Group [ QSTOR-5591 ]


  • Fixed: enabled zvol_request_sync=1 for the ZFS 0.7.12 driver to resolve a kernel panic that can occur in some Storage Volume use cases. This tunable 'sst_zvol_request_sync' is managed via the new 'qs tunable-*' CLI commands. [ QSTOR-5612 ]

Core Service

  • Added support for authenticated shutdown of a QuantaStor node initiated by APC UPS's with apsupsd. [ QSTOR-5592 ]

  • Fixed an issue preventing the ZFS Event Daemon service from running on QuantaStor 5.0 [ QSTOR-5580 ]

Disk Management

  • Added the ability to blink storage pool device groups (vdevs) via the CLI with 'qs spdg-list' and 'qs spdg-ident' commands. [ QSTOR-5566 ]

  • Fixed an issue where a disk format task would show as 100% completed even though the format actually failed due to iofencing preventing write access. [ QSTOR-5555 ]

  • Fixed: when formatting disks and choosing to clear iofencing, the iofencing is now cleared first to ensure formatting can complete without a denial for write access. [ QSTOR-5617 ]

Hardware Controller and Enclosure Management

  • Updated Acromove ServerPack enclosure information to match current offerings. [ QSTOR-5614 ]

  • Updated Hardware Unit Identify Dialog to allow on, off and duration specific identification for supported Hardware Raid unit enclosure slot identification. [ QSTOR-5562 ]


  • Updated SNMP MIB [ QSTOR-5604 ]